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10 hours ago, dreegking said:

Would he move Danault fand a first rounder or Laine? that puts us thin at Centre. But loaded with balance eon the wings. Jets want a centre. Ot possibly thin out the right a bit and move Tatar and a first for Laine with a first rounder next year? Gallagher and a first  is an easy swap for roster balances But they are reportedly looking for a Centre.

If we hadnt moved Domi, i think yes. But now that he's gone, we'd be in bad shape if either JK or Suzuki faltered and we moved Danault (unless a centre was coming back).

10 hours ago, dreegking said:

how much was the Alzner buy out from a cap perspective

This year its not much different (a little higher) but next year its about half.

His cap hit was supposed to be $4.6m for 2 more years.

Now that we've bought him out, his cap hit this year is $3.9m but we cant 'bury' any of that (if we didnt buy him out & sent him to the minors about $1m would be buried & off the cap).   Next year it goes down to $2.2m or something.  Then 2 more years at $8-900k

So the big savings is next year. This year its just slightly higher (in practical terms). 

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Eklund, so you know, probably pure garbage but:


Montreal “confident about chances to land Hall”

Just got off of the great source in Montreal....source that has steered me correct so many times...a guy who has his finger on the pulse of the team. A true legend. An alumni. He tells me that Montreal plans on making a major push for Taylor Hall. And they are confident about their chances. 
Source: Eklund 

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Just now, maas_art said:


Mete signs a 1 year deal at $730k 

That helps with the cap for sure. 

Yes - minor bridge deal for a spare depth development part. Unless he really explodes this year and his playing time may be hard to come by, He isn’t part of the long term plan. 

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4 minutes ago, Regis22 said:

Wayne Simmonds narrowed down to 2 teams - Leafs and Habs

Hearing that Wayne Simmonds has narrowed his list to two teams and I believe those two teams are Toronto and Montreal. Remember Buffalo gave his camp the right to speak to teams this week ahead of the market opening.


LeBrun is generally pretty connected so I assume we have made an offer to Simmonds. For a while he was on par with Pacioretty but he's really fallen off a cliff the past 3 years... not sure im a big fan - would rather have Kovalchuk


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