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Where Do You Live?

Guest missT


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Guest habs_fan1160

I was born/raised in Dunnville Ontario - southern, located not too far from Toronto and Niagara Falls.

I moved to Saskatchewan a year ago for work and to get a better start. :)

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Guest Hoser

*abandon sense all ye who enter here*

In my own mind, man. Living is a state of being, yo, a totally subjective reality in context to the liver, not the person watching the liver live, dig? For me to say 'where' I live would be to totally ignore the whole fourth demension, jones, not taking into account the everpresent question of 'when', a vital query with questions like this. Ten years from now, I live in one place; ten years ago, I live in another. Relative to such a revelation, it would be impossible for me to correctly answer the question posed by the OP.

*you can start thinking again... if you want too, that is*

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Guest Habbers

born in socal, lived in dallas texas, nashville, toronto, la, sac, back to canada out west in lloydminster and now im in florida on a basketball scholarship.

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Guest lecavalierrocks
Born and raised in Montreal, Qc. Canada!!! ~*RePrEs€nT*~ Currently live in Notre-Dame-de-Grace [[NDG]], Montreal, Qc.
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