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  2. Hope they hit the post 3 times cause we're gonna need them.
  3. Calgary is whooping Ottawa tonight. So Habs either have to get a point or hope that Calgary can't sweep a weary Canucks team. I don't think it's impossible that Calgary takes them all with Vancouver being at the end of their loaded schedule. So even though the odds are well in our favor from a pure stats perspective, those stats don't take into account the Flames being energized by being close to the playoffs and the Canucks fading if tired and/or eliminated early. The Habs really need to get the point they need themselves.
  4. But here's the thing: I have zero confidence in this organization to give us proper personnel deployment when healthy. If I thought that they were only using Staal and Merrill because they had no options, I'd have a bit of faith. But MB and his coaches have shown us time and again that the like the Merrill's of this league more than the Kulak's. They like the Murray's and Bouillon's more than the Beaulieu's and Pateryn's. They like the King's and Ott's more than the Galchenyuk's and Andrighetto's. They like Danault more than Suzuki and Kotkaniemi. So I have absolutely no confidence that they r
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  6. CAN WE CONTAIN THE 100 POINT GUY AND HIS SIDEKICK? We "have" won 5 out of 7 games.
  7. they do test our patience ...I'm actually hoping they play the Leafs in the 1st round because a healthy Habs team is capable of beating the 40 million dollar 4 -some with a consistent and fundamental defensive game ....zone in on them and hit them every chance that's offerred to get them off their freewheeling game ...just don't take a lot of penalties .
  8. Yeah. I'm thinking, what you've seen is what you're getting. He was better in Buffalo, and that isn't saying much. Put him in the bleachers for the playoffs. Bring up a Rocket.
  9. Me neither, although, they do test our patience. Let's see what a full & healthy team can do, and proper deployment. That means, no Merrill & no Stall. Even if it means bringing up a Rocket or 2.
  10. All valid points, but he will always be a full year younger, and Tkachuk has been bringing it since the first game he played. And, stepping his game up as well. So, We have to wait, I guess. The question is, how long?
  11. The head coach for the Central Division champions, Rod Brind’Amour, has been extended. The Carolina Hurricanes are believed to have given him a 3 year, $5.4 million contract. This will take him through the 2023-24 season. Since taking over bench boss duties in the 2018-19 season, Brind’Amour has worked wonders for the Hurricanes. He has yet to finish lower than fourth in a division and has made the playoffs all three years. Over those three years, the team is 120-64-20, with 260 total points. Brind’Amour brought new life to a mediocre Hurricanes team and has been a crucial reason for their rec
  12. The Arizona Coyotes and head coach Rick Tocchet have mutually agreed to part ways, the team announced Sunday. Arizona will begin its search for a replacement coach immediately. “After meeting with Rick, we have agreed that a coaching change is in the best interest of the club,” Bill Armstrong, general manager of the Coyotes, said in a press release. “This was a very difficult decision, but we believe that it is time for a new direction and new leadership.”
  13. And this is the problem with the MB Era ... relying on Price to fix all the problems with the rest of the roster and expecting him to steal every game for us. He's out on Concussion protocols, doubt he's back for the 1st round, even if he is has he honestly played any better than Allen this year? No.
  14. And the house of laughter strikes again.
  15. Was talking to a motorcycle enthusiast today and I guess sometimes it's just one of those things that gets ya goin.
  16. Yeah, so all Montreal has to do is grab one point against Edmonton, which is locked into 2nd place and could/should rest some players in at least one of the two games you would think. Failing that, one of Calgary or Vancouver would need to go 5-0 or 7-0 respectively to tie us in points (and possibly pass us in the tiebreaker). We still have odds of 99% of making the playoffs. Odds of our catching the Jets for 3rd at this point are slim as well though. We'd need 3 points in the last two games without the Jets getting any or to go 2-0 against Edm without the Jets getting more than 1 po
  17. Ridiculous. So same type of penalty as Tom Wilson got for his two plays and meanwhile Brodie got nothing for his vicious two-handed slash on the back of JK's leg a couple of games ago. League = biased. The decisions are being made by a bunch of Ontarians in Toronto. There is the possibility they favor the Leafs and the optics are certainly as such.
  18. Tortorella leaves Blue Jackets after six seasons as coach.
  19. Joel Edmundson don’t fined $1000 for his trip on Tavares last night
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