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  2. I would like to keep JK as our C depth even with Eichel is still thin with Evans as 3 and Paquette as 4. I wonder if we could go Drouin + Farrell + Guhle/Norlinder + 2023 1st
  3. This is one of those rare cases where on the open market a player woudlnt get as much. I assume that most teams wouldnt go over $3m for him. With regards to Perry, remember he got bought out, so he's still getting paid $2m by the ducks for the net two years. I suspect he'd like something more like $1.5-2m but i think where he signs is more important to him than for how much tbh.
  4. No he is not but an offer was reported as being offered. Also KK and Lehky have not resigned yet to my knowledge. I was just looking at what we could look like lol
  5. CapFriendly has Norlinder listed in Laval this season. Not sure if that means much but it certainly suggests that he has some sort of out clause.
  6. Perry isn’t signed ( yet. ) unless he’s did overnight
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  8. Sorry I meant to put Paquette Perry as the 13th and 14th forwards and Poehling to AHL
  9. FA is winding down and our lineup currently looks something like this Toffoli-Suzuki-Caufield Drouin-Kotkaniemi-Anderson Hoffman-Evans-Gallagher Lehkonen-Paquette-Armia Byron-Perry Edmundson-Petry Chiarot-Savard Romanov-Wideman Kulak Price Allen Looking at our lineup there are 2 clear needs 1. A decent 3 or 4 center 2. A middle pairing RHD Can we patch those holes in 2 trades and stay under the cap? I propose 2 moves. 1. What about helping the Jets? They need cap space and a middle 6 winger. Send Lehkonen + 2022 3rd (Anaheim) + 2023 2nd (Montreal) for Copp + DeMelo. Sign Copp for between 3-4 Mil long term 2. Arizona needs defensemen so what about Byron + Kulak + 2022 3rd (Montreal) for Dzingle + 2022 2nd (NYI) Now our lineup becomes Toffoli-Suzuki-Caufield Hoffman-Copp-Gallagher Drouin-Kotkaniemi-Anderson Dzingle-Evans-Armia Perry-Poehling Edmundson-Petry Chiarot-DeMelo Romanov-Savard Wideman Price Allen KK and Copp lines could also swap positions (KK's becomes 2nd line, Copp's 3rd)
  10. I'm interested to see what Bergevin does with Lehkonen. I assume KK is going to get a 1-2 year bridge deal. Lehkonen though... Does Bergevin offer something similar to what Armia got? Probably not. 2-3 years?
  11. I cannot imagine much else happening before the season starts, unless Bergevin surprises us all with a trade. We'll re-sign Lehkonen and Kotkaniemi, and that'll be our off-season. That will bring us to 13 forwards, 7 D (I am factoring that Weber will be LTIR), and 2 goaltenders.
  12. I think Perry will probably just take a few days to see everything that's out there. He seems like he wants to win a Cup. I would guess his odds of signing with another team would provide him that opportunity.
  13. I agree with both of you plus the bottom 2 wingers are Armia at right, Lehkonen at Left & RW and an expensive Byron for injury support. Byron recently penned a thank you support letter to the fans so I wonder if he’s been told that he might be on the trading block vs. possibly trading Drouin at low value. Include Poehling who can also back up at Centre/LW, I just feel Paulie is odd man out. At LHD, Chiarot Edmundson Romanov and Kulak and RHD - Petry, Savard, Romanov, possibly Brook and Wideman, it would seem prudent that Kulak or Chiarot with one year remaining should be considered as trade bait
  14. Antelope Valley, California - A driver in a Toyota Prius was spotted driving down the highway with a satellite dish mounted in the center of the hood. When asked if he had difficulty seeing, he said only when he made right turns. Since he couldn't prove he had no intention of making another right turn, he was arrested. No word on whether he was ticketed or released with a warning.
  15. That’s a good question- I agree that Romanov is better on his natural left but he’s quite talented to play right. The issue on left is we don’t really have a LHD that can effectively play the power play - Dunn would fill that need as I don’t think Norlinder or any of our future prospects jumps into that for the next 2 years, unless Romanov further emerges. We have overlap at LHD with Chiarot, Edmundson, Kulak which crowds Romanov. Petry by default is our RHD puck mover and first unit PP D - nice to have more but not enough?
  16. NHL.com. Dallas has signed D Ryan Suter to a four year $16 million contract and goaltender Braden Holtby to a one year and 2 million deal.
  17. Then again when the coach is spieling about destiny and one doesn't know if he eats squid or octopus in any quantity to make a difference which I can tell you I definitely do NOT since zero is not a sum, I can see the risk of kids having nightmares all across Canada if such a thing as destiny is a reality which like I said DD has gone and made anyhow. I'm on Fluery's side, I wouldn't want to play for Chicago either. Kraken..What the...Why would the league even permit such a name?? Serious
  18. David Kampf has found a new home. The 26-year-old forward has agreed to terms with the Toronto Maple Leafs on a two-year contract. His cap hit is $1.5 million. Kampf spent his first four NHL seasons in Chicago,
  19. Yeah. I seen that. Do you think Perry wants a lot more?
  20. Ryan getzlaf $4.5 million with Anaheim . why so much ???
  21. His buddy Getzlaf signed for $4.5 million ( yikes )
  22. We definitely need a puck moving defenseman, and we can't be too choosy as to which side. The longer the puck stays out of our end, the more chances we will have in the offensive zone. We had too much trouble getting it out of our own end, and when we do, it is usually icing. I can't believe how many times we iced the puck, when we weren't even under any pressure. Those puck moving defensemen thrive under pressure, and don't ice the puck. So.....my vote, is a PMD!
  23. The Columbus Blue Jackets signed Alexandre Texier, their restricted free-agent forward, to a two-year contract worth $3.05 million, or $1.525 million per season. This contract carries him through the 2022-23 season.
  24. The Boston Bruins have agreed to trade goaltender Daniel Vladar to the Calgary Flames. The return is a third-round pick in the 2022 NHL draft.
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