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  1. Long time, no post. Feels bad but by far most likely outcome was to move down and instead the Habs actually move up. Not half bad. Also wouldn't be stunned if the Habs took Kotkaniemi who's been moving up draft boards some have him as high at 5. Either way, it was a positive night. At this point it feels like whichever teenager we draft is more relevant to Bergevin's successor but who knows.
  2. I don't buy it, they didn't have to have a players vote. There was none with Gionta, they could have just named Max captain instead of having a fake vote that was in and of its self unnecessary. Subban seemed to generally rub enough guys the wrong way, for whatever reason, that it's pretty logical he'd lose. I just can't see why they'd waste their time holding a vote and then trying to push or manipulate players into voting for the guy they want (but didn't want to outright name). So if they did that and Subban won, then what? Hide the results and pretend Max won? If the players felt Subban wa
  3. Right now I can't definitively say Drouin is better than Shaw at C. As for Galchenyuk, if they do move Drouin off C, which I would strongly consider, I doubt it's Galchenyuk going back there. Whether we agree or not, Julien didn't like what he saw last time Galchenyuk was there and 8 points in 23 games on the wing isn't going to change his mind. Galchenyuk is going to have to produce where he's at before we see him top 6 C again. I'd move Drouin back to wing soon-ish though. It's not going to work so better off letting him find his groove on the wing and just accepting we have no Cs and re
  4. Galchenyuk with an awful defensive play and then Gallagher with an ozone penalty, lots of guys will be sitting I suppose. Maybe we need more DLR
  5. Just catching up, awful defense from Drouin and especially Galchenyuk there, that line needs someone other than Byron maybe who isn't necessarily great defensively himself. I can't believe that Weber shot and lol Pleks is actually killing it tonight.
  6. I agree but obviously Julien feels if completely overexposed, Galchenyuk will give us 2-3 more often than 3-2. Whether he's right or not is an interesting debate. As for Plekanec - Byron, completely agree. I think it's nuts. I could somewhat live with Danault - Pacioretty, at least they've won a bunch of games together the last 2 years and Pacioretty scores a lot but Drouin feels made for 3 on 3 and Galchenyuk has always thrived in extra space. My theory is, you're going to give up chances 3 on 3 and get chances regardless almost of who's on the ice, so put the guys on who have the best c
  7. Also, the wordy replies may seem like we completely disagree but I think we're 95% on the same page here.
  8. Yes, I think productive players deserve more leeway than grinders, of course. I was more talking about for coaches there's a threshold of mistakes/positive players and when you fall below that threshold, you play less (depending on the type of error). We can argue about whether or not it's fair, I suppose. I completely understand confirmation bias but if that's the case with Galchenyuk, there's a lot of people who are somewhat blinded by it. I mean, Julien came in here with an attitude of putting Galchenyuk right up on line 1 and at C. I'm not sure he came in here thinking "oh he's too mistake
  9. lol, not only that but he rushed so hard to do it that he didn't have money left over to work both Radulov and Markov in, 2 key skilled players. First priority, sign those guys at a fair contract and from there, whatever you have left, find a bargain defensive D-man (if you really feel the need to acquire one). By rushing the market, he totally blew it.
  10. I know a lot of hot streaks are associated with higher SH%, that was my point. Everything about Galchenyuk's stretches suggest hot streak, not sustainability. I don't think he's even shown anything that makes me believe he could be a PPG player, despite him having played at that clip for 2 separate 20 game stretches. As for Galchenyuk shooting a higher % of his shots from high danger than Pacioretty, it's true but maybe not quite as drastic as you'd guess. Either way though, you just use their career SH% as a baseline. Pacioretty 11% and Galchenyuk 13%. Galchenyuk, regardless of where he shoot
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