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  1. Amen Big Ted ! Please just hire the best person for the Job , coach needs to be coaching not doing interviews in any language !
  2. This is getting old ,and tired , when will something give in Montreal , beyond frustrating now , just plain miserable. The team is adrift , mutiny is afoot. Time to toss the captain overboard. There is a larger problem than just Price , no team should keep loosing like this with the talent that is there.
  3. While it was a very tough game to watch as a Habs fan , all is not lost. Game 4 is an absoloute must win , obviously. They can bounce back. It is very apparent that we will not win games by physical play. This team needs to play to it's strength which is speed , pucks to the net , driving hard to the net and turning the other cheek from the ***** after whistles. I expected the type of game we saw last night from the Leafs /Boston series , expected this series to be fast paced. The Senators are in the boys heads , what happened to Eller has got some of our guys thing they need to play it toughe
  4. Great signing luv "Beef" pound for pound one tuff solid D man
  5. Very well put couldn't agree more , we can speculate on possible outcomes for Ryans actions , but won the game , message was sent , I for one love it , hate seeing our team get pushed around as they have for years , about time we get some guys stepping up and letting other teams know "Not in our house ! "
  6. Stupid play , I don't know about that but the hit from behind on Georges is very very dangerous I would like to see the instigator taken out to allow the players to protect thier teamates , 2 minutes for boarding which is the type of hit there is no place in hockey for , vs 2 minutes and five for fighting when all the guy did was turtle and take a few shots , but that type of hit can cost carreers. Instigator rule needs to go.
  7. I don't think Gomez was a 'Cancer" , from reports very well liked by his peers , just a vetran who couldn't live up to expectations , hit a slump he couldn't dig himself out of , liked the way MB spoke to the media , staying very professional , not blaming Gomez only for teams lack last season , that it is a team game and he will do what he feels is best for the Habs.
  8. Hmmm Doan definately in the twilight of his career , but man he brings a solid hockey resume , could be as risky as the Gomer Gamble however perhaps maybe only 2 years , huge leadership upside , definately gritty , and easily a top 6 guy on any team IMHO .
  9. Nish , as in Anishnawbek , what alot of 1st nations people call themselves...Nish
  10. Hehehe , so many labels , soooo many wrong !
  11. I really struggle with people labeling players , 4th line, 3rd , 2nd etc , let them play , let them show what they can do , Sutter's 8th place Kings won the Cup because he told all of them play 37 to 45 seconds hard, balls to the wall hockey, mixed up his lines , rewarded hard work and used his sense as to who was hot that night , but above all he made the "WHOLE" team roll , short shifts no pigeon holeing , roll with who was producing that night , all you peeps wanna label a guy a certain "Liner" , man o man have you ever played the game ??? <edit>
  12. Luv this kid also , he , Moen , Prust , Borque , add some much needed size and toughness to our team !
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