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  1. So you're convinced he's washed up based on 1 bad playoff? Price looked burnt at the end of the 2014-15 season, the season he scored big at the awards. He had a bad few games to end the reg season and a so-so playoff. He did not look like the carey Price who was so dominant from games 1-75. So is it safe to assume he was washed up as well or on the decline? Even elite players have off periods. Prior to the Roy trade in 95, he looked horrible in the 94b playioffs, which lead to many media personalities and fans to suggest he was washed up. And that they were already thinking of trading him at the start of the 95 season. They were very close to a deal with Colorado when the famous incident happened. That's why the trade went down so fast, it was already in the works. Judging by the 2 cups he won in Colorado, all these people who thought he was washed up, were very wrong. Weber scored 20 goals last season, pretty good for a player considered to be a defensive specialist with no offense in his game. Oh yeah, and 14 of those goals came on the PP. How many blueliners scored 20 or more goals last season?
  2. Any other player we traded to acquire for Weber would've been amazing. My issues are with the ages of the players involved and the age of our first pairing post trade. I've said all along that in the short term, I think we'll be ok. It's 3-4 years down the road, when PK's entering his 30's and Weber is in his mid 30's, that we're going to see the negative aspect of the trade. I understand PK is a huge fan favorite and have said asince the trade, that i believe his absence in the short term, would be felt more in the community than on the ice. We now have Shea Weber and his 20 goals on this team. Judging by the outrage, it seems like fans are under the impression we acquired Yanik Weber. Shea Weber is a beast, closest thing to a younger Pronger. MB lied, well, a little secret... All coaches, GM's and owners lie. Patriots and tom Brady lied about deflate gate. It's professional sports, they're not just lying to mislead the fan base, but to keep other GM's/teams guessing. Every coach and GM lie during press conferences. Ever see a Sutter interview in LA? Also ted, we don't know for a fact if it was just MT's hate that was the deal breaker. This is huge, I think there was more to it than just hate from the coach. Most stars and coaches butt heads and don't see eye to eye. Look at Johanssen in Columbus, with 2 coaches. It happens every day in pro sports.
  3. Mt definitely had a hand in the collapse, but there was a lot of blame all over the organization. Where was patches leadership? Giving him some slack because even the most experienced captain would've had issues last season. But he shouldn't be giving teammates dirty looks on the ice, nor roll his eyes when a certain player is talking, as 24CH is filming in the room. patches definitely had issues with PK. Didn't buy his post trade comments. MB-Didn't do anything to help his coach. He brought in Scrivens, a tender who couldn't even cracked the worst team in the league line up. G Molson-Didn't question any of his GM's moves. Players/locker room-Mb obviously asked his organization before making the decision. I'm sure if he had Patches support and Price's support, PK would still be on the team. basically, if the leaders in the room stood up said,"yes, we had some issues this season, but pretty sure we can deal with it and move on...", PK would still be a Hab. The players were asked their opinions, during their final player/management meeting before cleaning out their lockers, that was confirmed on TSN 690.
  4. Can we add... You post another members post that needed to be recognized or that you feel other members need to read.
  5. people thought MT was stubborn... He has nothing on Roy. I grew up watching Roy, I idolized him. let's be honest, he stepped down because he didn't get his way in Colorado. He's a bit of a premadonna. It's his way or the highway, in this case he took the highway. I think with some experience under his belt he's more interesting to me as head coach of the habs. But even as a coach, he's high maintenance, and I say this with love.
  6. That's why high end talent like Johnny Toews sent out tweets thanking weber for leaving their division. One bad playoff doesn't make for a decline. If that was the case, Pleks would've been washed up 7 years ago.
  7. I think we're getting off topic here people.
  8. Mark my words, before the seasons out, Weber will make Brad "the pest" Marchand part of the Bell Centre advertising.
  9. Me too. And don't understand how MT haters aren't more excited about Muller. Blinded by rage? Regardless... Everyone including MT can see the writing on the wall. I was never happy about his hiring, but was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I think he's been unfairly criticized in some circumstances. MT, it was obvious he wasn't PK's biggest supporter, but many coaches have players, even stars that they don't see eye to eye with. Dick Irvin and Richard often had issues. I always felt for the short term, MT was a decent choice, but only on a short term basis. We needed structure after RC and emotionless JM. Have to admit that he did, along with MB, turned this team around. But it was a band aid, it wasn't anything that would bring us to the promised land. I feel now, MT has worn out his welcome with his players and has served his purpose. MT wasn't going to be fired after the season we just had. No GM, with the revolving door of replacements can blame their coach, especially since they didn't bring in any help during the collapse. I knew he wasn't going to be fired because of the aforementioned reason. No GM can put the collapse on his coaches back, even with little bit of info we got, there was more going on in that room than just an issue with the coach. But, despite the reasons, a collapse of that magnitude is still a failure and notes were taken. Even G Molson is understandning, but still wants success. That means MB knows that the habs need success this season and if nothing changes, his job or his coaches is on the line. Bringing Muller, is MB telling MT, "get your stuff together, we need results... your replacement is waiting in the wings...". I honestly believe that if it isn't next season, then the season following, Muller will be our head coach. it's just a matter of time.
  10. Sure, but all these teams didn't suffer the man games lost, we suffered this season. Oh, one did, the jets and they were at the bottom of the standings, like the habs. And let's be honest, when Sid goes down, Malkin usually steps it up in his place. We had no one to step it up in Carey's or Gallagher's place. Even with a full roster, we're usually bottom of the league in goal scored, where Pens are higher. Also, when they lost Letang and Fleury was playing horribly, they weren't anything special. Same goes for NYR, sure they lost king henrik, but didn't lose 2/3 of their defense with it. And Henrik only missed a fraction of the time Carey missed. Carey only Played 9 games all season. Also, their backup, did a much better job than Condon, who was not to blame. You're neglecting some very important factors. it's not just who that went down ,it's how many and how much that affects a dressing room. Even our call ups were getting injured and replaced by 3rd string AHLers. Maybe no one has a seen a collapse like that, but I've seriously never seen such an injury plagued season in all my years of watching hockey. Again, our call-ups had to be replaced by 3rd string AHLer's because even our call-ups were going down. The team that played opening night, didn't at all look like the same team that ended the season. Sure MT had some to do with the season, but so did MB, who did absolutely nothing to help his coach. Oh yeah, he got him a goalie who couldn't even crack the oilers line up. Apples and oranges imho.
  11. I don't think MT has much of a choice to let Muller work his magic. They didn't bring him in to be an observer.
  12. Has anyone else noticed a disturbing trend? When Subban was a hab, I read all these articles about how awesome Shea Weber was and how PK was over-rated. When Shea became a hab and Subban a pred, started reading all these articles about how Weber is over-rated and how Subban was under-rated now. can we all, in hab-land, say... Double Standard!!!!!
  13. Most teams need a healthy roster to stay competitive. Nashville did ok the year Rinne was injured, but that was only 1 significant injury. Lose your allstar tender and 2/3 of your blueline and most teams will struggle. Don't think that's something only MT has issues with.
  14. Uh again, we hired Kirk "I know how to work a PP" Muller.
  15. Nice guy, probably charges over $100/signature. But he has been pretty good at keeping close to his Cole Harbour and NS roots.
  16. We have one in Muller. Just have to wait for MT to screw up, we already have his replacement.
  17. And also addicted to opiates, for pain management.
  18. And the last time we won, we traded away our franchise tender, the one who won us our last 2 cups.
  19. Probably leads back to FIFA. They're all in it together, aren't they?
  20. I don't support the Rio games, not with all the scandals and garbage leading up to it. But I do support our Canadian athletes. Way to go swim team!!! We have a 16 year old phenom who already has 2 medals at the Rio games. Our volleyball team swept the US team 3-0. And to those who still haven't competed, we stand behind you. Go Canada!!!!!!
  21. No, doubt he's going anywhere. We have to push his strengths if we want a hope of moving him. Get him on the 3rd line & have play wing. He is a decent passer, has decent vision and with the exception of last season, has shown to be durable despite his small size. And last years injury, had nothing to do with his small stature. So, a team looking to reach the cap floor, who looking for a pint size-poor mans Martin St Louis, might be interested. We can always tell the rangers that, despite his name, he was born in the states. They love over-payed american born players.
  22. welcome Max. A little heads up though, if you're looking to learn from experts, maybe you should check out another forum. Just kidding, a lot of us think as ourselves as experts. It is good community here. If you want to talk habs hockey or just hockey, we have many passionate Habs and hockey fans.
  23. I guess this is the perfect thread for the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic games. What a joke it has become. Really feel bad for the athletes.
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