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  1. The last game of the Quarter Finals is done. So that concludes our First round and QF competition. Winners of each head-to-head are in white type below. Well done to all (and definitely from me to Kinot). Head-to-heads for the Semi Finals are in the last image below. Need total games to round out the semis from each of you for the tie-breaker.
  2. Much like the Booins and the Loafs, I think my season is done. Still tight in the other (competitive) head-to-heads
  3. NY Islanders vs. Boston: Boston Winnipeg vs. Montreal: Montreal
  4. Getting close. Nervous times for some (not Regis 22)
  5. June 3rd Boston vs. NY Islanders: Boston Carolina vs. Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay June 4th Montreal vs. Winnipeg: Montreal Colorado vs. Las Vegas: Colorado
  6. My Grandmother said to me (at the age of 86) that she never felt as old as when she turned 25. I hope Jake Evans never feels as bad as he will have done at the end of his 25th birthday. That is all. The League can do the rest.
  7. Montreal vs. Winnipeg: Winnipeg Las Vegas vs. Colorado: Colorado
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