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  1. Missed yesterday, would've lost anyway. Saturday STL CLB
  2. That makes sense. I was always under the impression he pleaded with them not to trade him and that he had indicated a desire to stay. I suppose without a signed contract, they should have done what was best for their organization. If it’s true that he specifically asked not to be traded, though, that seems to me a bit disingenuous. If there was any doubt he would re-sign, he should have kept his mouth shut. It handcuffs a GM to an extent, makes them look like the bad guy for trading away a player that “wanted to stay”. Still, he got millions from the Islanders and would
  3. Maybe he prefers golfing in the Spring and he knew this was the best way to an early tee time? ... I work with an Isle fan and he was livid when Tavares left them high and dry. He is loving every moment of this. I get that it’s a business and all but score another one for Karma. Can’t think of a more deserving guy to have to feel how he does this morning.
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