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  1. Mete showed, in his last game, that he deserves another shot. He was the most engaged D man on the ice when he was on the ice. He is the perfect compliment to this D core. You cannot win in this league consistently without diversity in your attack/defense. Mete adds an element that not many D men on this roster can bring.
  2. Julien is one of the main problems with this team IMO. His deployment of players at particular junctures of games is suspect at best. Thompson should almost never be on the ice when you're down by a goal late in the game, and when I say almost never, I mean NEVER! His reluctance to trust younger players before the injuries is hurting them now, players know when they're not trusted, so when they are asked to play in a role just because of an injury they have that seed planted already and know that the only reason they are getting the "trust" now is because of injury. His
  3. Yeah, player threads, just way more pleasing to the eye - a more organized look. Just sayin'
  4. Yeah, I know, but I just wanted to let it be known that this is the reason I do not engage anymore...ugh
  5. Worst case scenario this season was realized, would have been better to miss by a long shot then to get a 50-50 15th pick. Making the playoffs may have been MB's goal at the beginning of the season but definitely was not at the deadline, I can see why you'd sit on your hands if your team had no fight, just totally laid an egg but to reward your players with nothing after the year they put in for you is a slap in the face. I am losing faith in that MB guy again.
  6. Drouin has got be be showcased next year then moved before the deadline. Right now his value is as low as ever, so I do not like shopping him now ... he does have to go though, he doesn't fit well with this city, this group, this identity, this plan.
  7. Side note, if any of you want to have a good laugh at yourselves, so back to the archives and read the Patches trade thread. Tomas Ta-tarrrrrr has been probably the most consistent forward on the team this year...plays his heart out every game and his give a damn factor is through the roof, love this guy and that trade is proving to be one of the best moves of MB's career. This game was not a pretty one, it started off looking really good, they transitioned the puck well, used their speed then it seemed as though CLB made some adjustments, either that or they forgot how they did i
  8. Galchenyuk with a beauty move in the SO vs Koskinen tonight!
  9. I am expecting a huge bounce back after this road trip, they played well in every game except this one - Niemi was horrible and the team lacks confidence when he's back there in the net. It was obvious, as soon as Price went in there was a calmness that fell over them and they got to work and tied. Drouin needs to be better. Weber needs to be better. Tatar was great. Domi played well too, made up for his penalty to start the game. Petry had a solid game but could shore up a few things, tough playing with Benn Mete misread that play and allowed Barkov way to
  10. our fourth line needed to get better so MB went out and made some trades, great! But why is Deslauriers still playing every game? The GM can only do so much...Deslauriers is arguably the worst everyday player in the NHL but yet CJ is obsessed! I do not mind the rotating door on the fourth line to keep it fresh and keep that internal competition going but D-LO has got to sit a few out as well, I am fearful that Hudon gets waived once Byron is healthy...ugh I would like this fourth line Byron - Thompson - Weise Byron - Peca - Hudon Bryon - Thompson - Wei
  11. If I were GM I would be looking to bolster my roster to make sure that we make the playoffs, falling just short of the playoffs at this point would be the worst case scenario IMO. I do not know who exactly but a proven player that can score, plays PP and is responsible 2 way player, that shoots right... I am ok with the D as is, as I think they have proven that they can hang with the best of them when healthy but if a LHD with term is available then I would jump at that too. It might seem costly(and an unpopular opinion) but I would even give up our first rounder for one of tho
  12. No doubt about that but every team can have guys that get injured, I just think that with their depth they are the most likely to weather that storm. Plus I did qualify my statement by stating that they are the best reg season team I remember in recent memory...yet to prove that in the playoffs. Time will tell but right now there is no one even close to them in this league...and it's not that the rest of the league is bad, it's that TB is that good. AND I HATE IT!
  13. This game taught me two things, how close they are to contending but also how much work lies ahead in order to get there...anyway, in all reality TB is legitimately the only contender if we're using them as a mold. There is NO other team like them this season, nor do I remember there being one this good in the reg season for a long while. Considering the cap era, this might be the very best team from top to bottom yet...in the regular season. I want to keep telling myself that it will be a completely different story come playoffs but TB is too good, I don't think anyone can beat them in a 7
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