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  1. It's too bad Spezza wasn't on the ice to shove around. I wouldn't look too much into it. I think it more or less two guys just running into one another, and Halpern decided to give him a little shove out of the way. Kelly reacted and it became a whole scrum.
  2. Good post. I have liked Max's game so far this season, but he dropped the ball on that one. Like you mention, he was too excited and got a little selfish. Hopefully he minds what he's doing next game and doesn't take any bad penalties.
  3. "Natural center" or not... Cammalleri and Pouliot haven't played center since coming to Montreal, as far as I know. Pouliot is barely a top-six winger. He doesn't seem equipped to handle the defensive rigors of being a top-six center. Cammalleri could slide over to play a roll down the middle if necessary, but then you are still losing a top-six wing position. There's also no guarantee that Cammalleri would even play well moving back to center. I stand by the opinion that Habs' fans constantly over-rate our depth (including at center) and that we are not much more strong down the middle than w
  4. I can agree with some of what you're saying, but not all. I'm not sure how the Staal comparison comes into play concerning Eller. Two different players, two different teams, two different supporting rosters. Eller has exactly nine games of NHL experience and only two points to show for it. Jordan Staal is only one year older and already has four successful seasons of hockey under his belt, including a forty-two point rookie season. Eller has shown some good play through two games with Montreal, but I cannot believe (at this point) that he's going to look good all season long. He may falter and
  5. Although not a movie, King Baby by Jim Gaiffigan had me laughing. I believe King Baby was his 2009 HBO Special. Very funny guy.
  6. He should definitely get one of the starts this weekend. I would throw him out against Buffalo, honestly. Let Carey take the Sens.
  7. Based on what? About 10-15 games on NHL experience with two goals? We're as weak as we've always been down the middle. Halpern is no solution on offense, and we haven't yet seen if Eller is a capable offensive player at this point in his career.
  8. I just wish he would say, "No," instead of saying, "Yes," and them faking dropping his gloves. I suppose, at the end of the day, he got what he deserved for drawing the powerplay... A couple of smacks in the head from Talbot. If he's willing to take a few punches for a powerplay, so be it. I hope it doesn't become a regular thing, though.
  9. I still don't think we're strong down the middle. Almost every team has four "legitimate" NHL centers. Just because they're NHLers doesn't make them great players compared to other centermen around the league. If Plekanec goes down, is Halpern going to fill the void? I doubt it.
  10. I'm all about a Habs win, and I don't really care what Max gets up to... But I can imagine he's continuing to make himself lots of enemies league wide by pretending to drop the gloves like he did with Talbot. Going as far as to shake his hands as if they were about to come off. Maxim walks a fine line. It would, IMO, be cooler to see him stay on the slightly respectable side a little more.
  11. Excellent game from Max, which is nice to see considering his slow start last season. He looks more physical and threw some nice hits, too!
  12. With Cammalleri out of the lineup for Thursday's game this would be a perfect opportunity for Pouliot to score some goals and assert himself as belonging in the top-6 out of the starting gate. I have a feeling both he and Andrei K. may be on short leashes this season. Lack of production could mean a severe reduction in ice time. Pouliot could garner rave reviews if he has a good game against the Leafs.
  13. Oh come on! People have totally adopted "Big Ben" for the entire tower, as well! Wasn't Gomez throwing around "G-money" for himself a few interviews ago?
  14. Should Mr. Pouliot ever start PLAYING big on a consistent basis then maybe we can consider naming him after London's gigantic clock tower.
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