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  1. There's a reason Shea Weber is a mainstay on Team Canada and PK Subban isn't. Just because Weber doesn't wind up behind his own net like Bobby Orr and spin in circles doesn't mean he's not as offensively productive as Subban. PK had 6 goals last year and Shea had 20. He led the league in PPG and the habs power play was a disaster. He's also way harder to play against in the habs zone and more physical. No doubt in the world PK has more skill, is a better skater and will still develop with maturity, but I honestly believe Weber will have more of an impact with this team because of his leadershi
  2. The habs need scoring and offense and end of the day Radulov was the best offensive player available. He's now almost 30 years old with a wife and child, that kind of life event will change a person. Reports out of Russia are that he's really matured over the last couple years and as long as Therien lets him play his game I cant see him not scoring 70-80 points for the habs this season alongside Galchenyuk and Pacioretty.
  3. Once you take out the emotion from this trade you should all realize this is more than just a hockey move, its a culture change in the organiztion. Throw all that analytic junk out the window, end of the day Shea Weber right now is a better all around defenceman than Subban. His age and contract are a negative, but his last four years are 3,1,1,1 meaning he's easy to move in those years if he declines to a cap floor team, and if he retires early the cap penalty goes to Nashville not Montreal. I think he will age well though and you don't lose a 108mph slapshot. Weber will bring professional
  4. Great tournament for Reway...3 assists and dominant offensively on route to the bronze medal. He has the offensive game to make it to the NHL but his size and defensive laziness will definitely hold him back. Reminds me a lot of Andrighetto very shifty with great hands and has produced at every level.
  5. Have the habs learnt nothing from the eller hit...my god stop with the suicide passes to eachother
  6. Desharnais poor play is one thing but now with Eller probably gone for atleast this series if not the playoffs he really needs to step up his game if the habs want to have any secondary scoring.
  7. I know hes a fan favorite but is anybody else extremely annoyed that he's going to be taking ice-time away from Eller and Galchenyuk for the rest of the season especially on the PP, and possibly the next 4 years because he has to play in a top 6 role to be semi effective. Really wish Bergevin gave him a shorter deal, last year was a flash in the pan playing with two big wingers having career years.
  8. 4th line looks great tonight...with White healthy and on his game he brings an element the habs could really use...definitly prefer him in over Armstrong when hes playing like this
  9. Habs claimed Jeff Halpern off waivers today according to Darren Dreger...great veteran presence
  10. Same player as White they are both serviceable 4th line players who can win face-offs, be aware defensively and add a bit of toughness. Neither will ever become offensive minded players capable of scoring over 25 points a season. I don't see any room for both of them going forward when the habs have a full line-up free of injuries, I think there competing for one open spot next season when Armstrong is let go
  11. Budaj is in nets and White draws back in for Prust...confirmed on twitter
  12. In the coach's defense Prust is a better play then Travis Moen, but with that said Eller will be on a line with DD and Cole by the mid way point of the game.
  13. Therien understands this rivalry and he should have put White back in the lineup over Armstrong. Colbys brought nothing this year and has no toughness, woulda been a perfect time for Ryan to get back and prove his worth to his teammates by playing a smart on the edge game.
  14. Great to see him produce on the stats sheet but I still don't think he had the greatest game and going forward id rather see Eller in the second line center position then Desharnais. Don't know where that leaves him though.
  15. Desharnais looks too small and slow for the nhl this season...cant create for his linemates. I'm wondering if last years season was due in part to having two bring wingers having career seasons.
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