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  1. One minute he says something ridiculous that makes me detest him, next minute he does something awesome like this...
  2. I just discovered this by accident today... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-H47c3xnZo ...I've listened to it a dozen times, still getting goosebumps. Her voice is amazing, and the two-language delivery (Hungarian and Serbian) of this old classic Serbian-Gypsy folk tune somehow makes it even better... Just thought I'd share.
  3. 18th: Lugano (Switz.) - Severstal Cherepovets 5:0 Hnat Dominichelli 2g 1a (for CanCon )
  4. Egh, I wanted to go back and edit the post with the roster listings to add the new Riga players to the list (and also to sort the forward positions by position), but the "editer" link isn't there... is it at all possible to edit that post?
  5. Three new signings for Dinamo Riga: G Edgars Lusins C Vitaly Karamnov RW Juris Štāls
  6. Lokomotiv Yaroslavl is still in the KHL (Western Conference, Tarasov Division). The latest news on Zednik I found in a quick search (don't have time for deeper right now, about to head to work) was this article, in Slovak: http://www.tasr.sk/26.axd?k=20100722TBB00146 This just says, short form, that both Zednik and Zbynek Irgl were released from Loko and Pavol Demitra signed. For Irgl I know he's been signed by Atlant Mytishchi, but I haven't found any news about Zednik signing a contract anywhere yet. I'm sure something will surface in the near future.
  7. Yesterday: Liberec (Czechia) vs Metallurg Novokuznetsk 4:1
  8. More exhibitions: Lokomotiv Yaroslavl - Kosice (Slovakia) 3:3 Severstal Cherepovets - Ravensburg (Germany) 4:0
  9. Thought I'd give a quick listing of rosters... note that only contracted players are listed, so some rosters are pretty short (ahem, Vityaz). EASTERN CONFERENCE Chernyshev Division Amur Khabarovsk Head Coach: Aleksandr Blinov G Yann Danis (CAN) G Aleksei Murygin G Dmitri Shikin D Aleksandr Aksenenko D Ilshat Bilalov D Igor Gorokhov D Kirill Gromov D Aleksandr Osipov D Valeri Pokrovsky D Mikhail Ryazanov D Maxim Rybalko D Denis Shemelin (KAZ) D Vitaly Shulakov (Shoulder injury, expected back mid October) D Brett Skinner (CAN) D Nikolai Stasenko (BLR) RW S
  10. I do, though I think one problem is generally small arena sizes, 5-6000. In certain cities, the fan support is hardcore, such as Amur Khabarovsk, who sell out every league game (7100 seats in the arena). In others, there's more direct competition with football, and certain cities do tend to prefer that over hockey. But overall, I think as the league stabilises, fan support will continue to grow. Ak Bars, Salavat Yulaev, SKA, Yugra all have very solid support. In other towns, it's a bit more difficult - the fans are there but the money isn't, or similar cases. But in every case, the teams are i
  11. Vladimir Tarasenko has decided to stay for at least another season with Sibir Novosibirsk.
  12. And, not even a very good KHL team, in the Russian equivalent of Iqaluit.
  13. Brett Skinner has signed with Amur Khabarovsk according to the Brandon Sun.
  14. Well, I'd say on a relative scale, CSKA is the Habs - former powerhouse megadynasty now having to fight to make the playoffs...
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