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  1. I hope he gets to play with weber during the preseason for at least a couple games
  2. If sergachev makes the team who moves on the left side to make room markov emelin or nate
  3. I wish success for subban but im a habs supporter first. I want mtl to win this trade.
  4. The stats i posted are just for last season which could be the difference
  5. https://mobile.twitter.com/Chris_LogiQ/status/749283000198766592?s=09 Some more advanced stats that help paint a different picture. Interesting that weber has a higher outlet pass success. Better defensive zone success rate and less failed possession plays per 20. Im not saying Weber is a better player but he seems to have a higher rate of success were as subban tends to control the play successful or not. Anyone who knows more about these stats able to weigh in on them
  6. Radulov could maybe be compared to semin in his prime years but they are might and day different players. Radulov creates his own space semin is a float like a butterfly kind of guy
  7. Watch some highlights of this guy in the khl he is a force man reminds me of ovy
  8. Im sure hes just weighing in on all his options
  9. A two hour breakdown of possibly why subban was traded. You might not like Tony but he made some very good points especially on part 2 of the show. If what he says has any bit of truth to it I can see why montreal thinks they had to do this trades. Also worth noting how close Weberis with Price. Makes you wonder how much Prices imput was considered in this trade. Part one http://www.tsn.ca/radio/montreal-690/marinaro-why-pk-subban-was-traded-1.518373 Part two http://www.tsn.ca/radio/montreal-690/marinaro-no-doubt-pk-was-going-to-be-traded-1.518430
  10. As long as they dont pair him with markov. Id rather markov play on the second pairing with petry
  11. https://m.imgur.com/FVONKh9?r Break down of the recapture penalty i wonder what the preds plan to do if he retires before he is 40.
  12. I am upset to see subban gone but i tend to agree a lot of people are looking far too much into the advanced stats. I think what we did here was trade a high risk high reward defenseman in subban to a more consistant Weber.Think of it this way subban could fluctuate from a 6-10 out of 10 depending on the game were Weber brings a consistant 8-9 every game. I think our team needed that consistancy on defense especially with Markov soon retiring and potential young defense the next season or 2
  13. Im excited for Weber. I have to wonder if Sergachev plays the pre season as his partner if he truely is nhl ready this trade could turn out in our favour. Weber is the best dman in the league you could pair with a rookie dman. Weber will protect Sergachev and allow him to play top line minutes and not worry about being the last man back.
  14. Oh we wouldnt be paying for it. If he retires nashville will be the ones on the hook for 28 million dollars spread over his remaining contract years. So if he reties at 39 they pay 28 million on their cap that season
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