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  1. They should not get a point, whether they lose in OT or in the shootout. Why should a team get a point if they lost?
  2. I hope we did not use up all our goals before playing Vancouver.
  3. I got to listen to the third period tonight. I hope tonight's game is the shape of things to come. I hope you are happy out there, Kinot-2. I missed the second period explosion, but I did get to listen to the last two goals. It was nice to see a rare blowout. How did Price do? At least he had a big lead to work with.
  4. Ok. I see what you are saying. Pardon me for what I said. However, I think it's time for a change. The game I listened to last Saturday night also showed me that the Habs need help on defense. Price needs more help in front of him. How's Allen been doing? https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/canadiens-coach-claude-julien-hospitalized-suffering-chest-pains/
  5. I'm surprised that they did not make this change at the start of the season, considering how well the Habs did in the bubble. Muller did a great job after Julien got sick. And I think the players and fans would respect Muller more because they played more offensively.
  6. What's the matter with the Habs defense? From what I have been listening to tonight, it looks like they have struggled on defense. Is it just a thing for this game, or has this been going on most of the season so far?
  7. I wonder where these teams would stand in the normal conference and division setup.
  8. Was the initial review to see if the puck crossed the goal line, and then the second review challenge by the Leafs was to show if JK's stick pushed the Leafs goalie's pad in the act of scoring? That would be the scenario that makes sense to me.
  9. Matthews has his second power play goal tonight. Leafs 4-2.
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