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  1. where were the pissed-off teams across the league when Tampa was 18 mill over the cap and then reactivated when the play-offs started ?
  2. agreed...... loved this player but it was time to move on at that price ...good luck Dano ...maybe we'll land Tarasenko now ...I like the Savard signing and Paquette as well for the money ....I hope we keep Perry
  3. agreed...people will temper their judgments on Mailloux over time and it won't affect players decisions in wanting to come to a Stanley Cup finalist team .... although an egregious unauthorized crime against a woman is not to be dismissed he was 17 , made a bad choice and appears remorseful and sincere in his quest to learn and become a better person ...he's already gone through months of counselling and the Habs will pick up on that beat ...who doesn't need a second chance and hasn't made a mistake ?
  4. my thoughts as well ...although Hamilton would be a great piece he's going to want term and around 8 million per ...I'd rather see an Eichel but it will cost us at least KK , maybe a Lehtonen , picks and a high-end prospect ...I'd do that deal .....Bergevin has been talking to Buffalo but then again a lot of teams want this kid ....I would have loved Jones but the price was through the roof ...plan B
  5. to further that ..Toronto has only 3 picks next year too ( albeit somewhat better.. unless ,of course, traded ) ... remember when Burke used to throw out the " cupboards are full " line for the Leaf fans to brag to us about ?...I don't hear that phrase anymore ....the Marlies finished 16-17- 0-2 ( GF 111 GA 119 ) , Laval was 23-9-3-1 ( Gf 111 GA 87 ....now arguably their top 5 forward Hyman is gone because of the $40 + mill to 4 players already on the books with term ...they have less than 10 Mill to sign a bunch of cheap guys to play with Spezza , Simmonds and Kerplunk and have no decent back-up for Campbell... Reilly's contract is up next year and will probably do the Zack dance for money Toronto can't afford ... Toronto is in deep doodoo in the Atlantic Division already and even more if the cap stays flat ...I'm hoping Mr. analytics Dubas doesn't get fired for putting Toronto fans ice-level on skid row ...refreshments anyone ?
  6. Patrick Kane comes to mind as well ... #1 he was going to get picked anyway , he apologized for his actions , he took himself out of the draft to show he understood the gravity of this and is willing to atone , no one knows whether he reached out to the victim at this point and the probably a lot of teams would draft him beyond the 1st round which seems to be the big deal here ...maybe a year under scrutiny and help by the Habs would go further in reaching out and helping the victim as well who deserves compensation beyond a "fine" ...he 's young , he made a mistake and will always be under a microscope .Craig Button went up and down Bergevin on this pick but no one knows if he'll actually even play a game in the NHL or be accepted ..this has to play out one way or the other
  7. The Seattle management is big on analytics
  8. most up-to-date reports have Seattle taking a pass on Price ...a subtle game of chicken going with Francis and Bergevin...Seattle wants the pot sweetened ( draft pick/picks ) to not take Carey and Bergevin won't give it to him ..so Bergevin is calling his bluff because he thinks Francis won't pick him anyway
  9. ....even more considering the play-off run we just had
  10. that was my understanding as well ...Price has only agreed to be available for the ED but his long term contract NMC remains intact ...it depends what goes on behind the scenes ...Price could again waive his NMC if selected by Seattle and possibly end up somewhere of his own choosing ....like say...for instance ....Vancouver ?......
  11. This is a fair point about where Price and family might consider living with connections to BC and Seattle ...to be honest I think something has already been worked out ...the last thing anyone expected was for Price to be left exposed ...I believe he'll be taken by Seattle and there will be considerations or a deal for Montreal down the road ...otherwise why take the chance and even more to the point why would Price waive to begin with unless the option was a plus for him ?
  12. Not so sure because I think Allen's contract will keep Seattle flexible and he is certainly tradeable when other teams run into goalie issues ...he's one of the best deals out there ...I'd rather him stay but this is all about the Bettman's American NHL expansionism rabbit hole ....I guess it all depends on who Seattle wants for a #1 cost-wise but also teams are spending more than ever on goalie tandems .
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