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  1. interesting though because he didn't play in consecutive games the team played ...so there is a slight difference albeit technical ....so pundit Craig Button is now saying Montreal won't win a game against the Leafs in the play-offs ...a little motivation there ?
  2. it's reported that Drouin is unlikely to play in the post season
  3. they do test our patience ...I'm actually hoping they play the Leafs in the 1st round because a healthy Habs team is capable of beating the 40 million dollar 4 -some with a consistent and fundamental defensive game ....zone in on them and hit them every chance that's offerred to get them off their freewheeling game ...just don't take a lot of penalties .
  4. here's my dream ...Toronto plays Montreal in the first round ..in the last game of the series , when Montreal hands Toronto another 1st round exit , just before the horn Suzuki skates by Marner and gives him a wink caught on camera
  5. Eric Staal has the 2nd worst plus/ minus in the league ....though some people don't put a lot of stock in this statistic it doesn't surprise me by the way he plays ....
  6. exactly what I noticed ....and Tavaras and Nylander ..the only swap for almost 2 minutes was Sandin for Reilly ....store that little piece of greed for later ...also with 2:35 left they assess 2 minors on the same play ..which is fine unless were talking a game already in hand and adding insult to injury ....I feel for Primeau but not unhappy about the last 2 periods ...I hope this bites Toronto big time
  7. exactly ...like Begevin is some kind of pathological "liar ' because team management has deemed Weber's injury not be disclosed and have that right ....the fan base isn't automatically privy to details of any injury , when or where it happened ,...if fans or reporters don't like the explanation they have a voice to speculate or criticize but there is no obligation on the part of the franchise .....every team in the league does this ..a concussion can be a "day to day " upper body injury and not "specific" ...revealing the extent of the injury is the players business and the team might choose
  8. An extremely black mark on the NHL. That Wilson would taunt Ranger players from the penalty box without remorse shows how far this has gotten out of hand . Wilson could have killed somebody plain and simple . Helmetless heads hitting the ice with impact on purpose is without a doubt suspension worthy at the very least . It should have been 1 year out of the league at a minimum considering his previous 5 suspensions . The pocket change fine is a joke .Bettman and Campbell have sent the league back 20 years by ignoring the obvious . A bad day for those who love the sport .
  9. Petry ....worth every penny of his new contract ...what a great player he has turned out to be ...remember when newly acquired Josh Anderson was asked what player impressed him the most on the Habs ? he replied Jeff Petry
  10. Is that true?...wow already has a record under his belt lol...he's the real deal
  11. According to Bergevin good available centres don't grow on trees ...I thought the team handled KK exactly right when they sent him to Laval year for a 15 game stint ...he came back more confident and is still playing that way ...Suzuki just keeps getting better as well and has from the beginning . The progress of Evans has been really steady to the point where he is at the very least a reliable 4th line centre ...Montreal hasn't had a 1st overall pick since 1980 ...it is difficult enough to acquire good centres let alone star centres in any draft with crappy picks
  12. What I noticed in overtime was Montreal keeping possession almost the entire time and changing players on the fly ....Petry had enough time on the bench to get a breather ( luckily after Chiarot gave the puck away ) and was right back out there to set up the winning goal ...looks like they finally figured something out
  13. Is Armia officially out ? ....certainly looks like it might be concussion protocol ....again ...tough season for him.....the hit didn't seem that bad along the boards which is even more concerning ...every time he starts to get going he gets hurt ....we need his big body
  14. Staal had another mostly unimpressive night
  15. lots of people seem to be counting Calgary out ( including pundits on TV ) when they're only 4 points behind Montreal with arguably an easier schedule and now Montreal has only one game in hand ...the Flames are desperate and playing like it ...Montreal keeps losing and have 3 games left with Toronto who are eating the division up right now ....this is going to the wire I think with no guarantees ....the only hope is they limp into the play-offs , get Gallagher and Drouin back , play Toronto when given zero chance, suddenly gel ( lol ) and then pull an upset ala last year with the Pens
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