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    John is my name,I enjoy true crime mysteries shows....also,messing around with my acoustic ;enjoy listing to classic rock & the blues...The Stones-Lynyrd Skynyrd-B.B.King-Eric Clapton-Stevie Ray Vaughan-The Doors/Jim Morrison-Jimi Hendrix-Johnny Lang-Grateful Dead-Neil Young-James Taylor-Koko Taylor-Etta James-Buddy Guy-The Band-John Lennon,to name a few of my favorites...its all good.

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  1. Game 4 -Tuesday, May 7... 7 p.m. CBC, RDS Habs' Veteran Leadership Non-Existant In three playoff games so far this year, the Montreal Canadiens have blown hot and cold. Their Game 1 loss at the hands of the Ottawa Senators was a testament to the fact that shot output means nothing. The quality of them matters more. The "quality" came in Game 2, when the Habs peppered Senators' goaltender Craig Anderson, going to high percentage scoring areas, providing screens and driving the net. Last night, the Canadiens were outclassed on every part of the ice, oftentimes looking like a team already de
  2. YES,it was his right as a coach to make that call.....but come on,really......IMO.....somewhat classless.....hard to think that he forgot the war of words going into this game and all........its all prust fault (* bug eyed walrus) its over now,we move on,re-group & prepare for Tuesday night +1
  3. same here....hope it treated you well my good friend
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