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  1. I think JM just wanted to get Darche some action.
  2. Maxim Lapierre is a necessary evil. Like Scott Gomez said, every team has one and Max happens to be one of the best at being the worst. He also has more skill than he is given credit for. He's a good 3rd line player and hopefully will continue to show the willingness to occasionally drop the gloves, while perpetually irritating the opposition. You hate to love him but love that everyone hates him!
  3. Would like to see him develop a quicker release by watching Cammy in practice. He has a deceptively hard shot and excellent reach, with Gomez on his line, an element he can add to his game that would help him and the line tremendously would be the backdoor one-timer. He possesses the requisite tools, the biggest one missing right now is confidence. You can see it in the way he handles the puck and even when he gets a good look, there's a 0.5 second delay, which is enough to disturb the flow of his play. What Benoit Pouliot really needs is a nice individual goal, followed by 'attaboy' ice-ti
  4. Another youngster nipping at the veterans heels. This is what the Habs organization has been lacking for a long time, a bunch of hungry kids that actually seem to want to overthrow the veterans in a HEALTHY man's man competition. I am anxious to follow the progress of a lot of these kids in camp and extremely curious to see how many of them come up for a cup of coffee this year and push harder to make the jump next year.
  5. If he puts up Brock Trotter numbers he will be in the NHL by the trade deadline but let's be realistic, he needs at least a season in the AHL and then maybe he will crack the lineup as a depth player.
  6. What's so stunning? The margin between a good season and average season often comes down to a couple of players. Look at the post-conference title season, Higgins, the PP and Kovalev took a nose dive and the rest of the team went with it. The habs have many stable parts, one would assume that the core millionaires are going to bring it, as are the veteran d-men. The 3 biggest variables at this time are: 1 - Carey Price: Does the fresh out of AHL or fresh out of buffet kid show up? Nobody knows but he plays the most important position. So, he's the biggest key. 2 - PK Subban: Will he cont
  7. This player is the 3rd key to the 2010-2011 season behind : 1 - Carey Price and 2 - PK Subban. IF BP gives us a 25 goal campaign without any prolonged slumps, the Habs will be top 6 in the conference MMW.
  8. Anybody know Sergei Kostitsyn's number? Bob? Jacques?
  9. All jokes aside, the 4th line was abysmal without him and actually did cost us the game against Calgary. This is probably the most I've ever looked forward to the return of a 4th line waiver pickup!
  10. MAB your only job is: HIT THE FREAKING NET! If you do that, you will be a dynamite addition.
  11. Any word on when he will be back the 4th line and PK really miss him. The PP does too for that matter.
  12. Saku Koivu is going to pull a Ray Bourque on us this year.
  13. Logical move but yet another veteran signing to play in a spot that could have been filled by a young d-man. We have Carle, Belle, Henry and of course Subban down on the farm. In my opinion, it's a low risk high reward move, if he pans out as a 6th/7th d-man then its great, just wish we could have given Weber a couple of games. I guess Bob felt now was the time to grab him, let him shake off the rust, while Weber gets his feet wet.
  14. I knew Sergei was going to play his way off the roster. This year's team is all about consistent effort and professionalism and his bus mishap hurt badly, although it could happen to virtually anyone. Don't think Gomez would be in Hamilton if the same happened to him but when you're a bubble player and the other guy hurts him himself making a defensive play while u miss a bus, it's not easy to make a good impression. Hopefully, Sergei is mad and motivated rather than aloof about it. I'd expect him back up by end of December. If not, he'll get traded at the March trade deadline.
  15. C = Maxim Lapierre A = Josh Gorges A = Andrei Markov There was an era when Captains were the hardest working players on their team and not just named because they were the biggest salary or talent : Mike Keane, Guy Carbonneau, Bob Gainey etc... Lapierre is the hardest worker on the team, is great with the media in both languages but mostly French of course, he's young, lives in the City and can't be expected to do much more than he already does. The problem is guys like Gomez, Gionta, Gill, Hammer and Spacek may not respect a 24 year old captain!
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