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  1. Absolutely, I'm hoping that's their line of thinking as well. Aside from that OT goal, I haven't really seen anything noteworthy from Staal. Reliable, maybe, but reliable play usually doesn't win you a lot of hockey games, especially when you can hardly keep up anymore. I'd frankly rather see Byron there but you're right, they'll probably give him a few playoff games to show he belongs.
  2. Do you think he's actually going to sit once we have options? Honest question, because I really don't know. Poehling's injury didn't help and I guess we'll have to see what's up with Danault, but I have the feeling they'll keep Staal in the lineup anway because you know... experience, leadership, and all that.
  3. 250k fine for the Rangers while Wilson gets a slap on the wrist? Ridiculous.
  4. Glad I didn't stay up for this one, had a feeling we'd struggle against the Sens again.
  5. Maybe both of them should give Dana White a call, I‘m sure he‘d be all over this.
  6. Winning the game tonight would be huge, not having a great gut feeling though. We didn’t really look good against them so far...
  7. Ok, I'll bite. Watch the video again, Buchnevich didn't continue to dig for the puck – the goalie didn't even make the save. The puck was right there and Buchnevich didn't even have his stick on the ice, it was lifted before so this isn't about someone running your goalie after a good save. As for Panarin, I'm not even going there. They have the man advantage, he's their best forward and checks in at what... 170 pounds? Wilson is built like a gorilla and has like 50 pounds on him. Wow, impressive that he didn't absolutely throttle Panarin but only 'shook' him a few times. Wilson actually
  8. Just read that Panarin had to leave the game with a LBI following Wilson's antics. I mean, why even bother anymore with those rulings? Repeat offender, multiple suspensions and fines, yet he gets another one after punching a defenseless opponent in the neck and bravely taking out another one half his size and weight. I don't care about the Rangers one bit but that 5k fine literally adds insult to injury. Seeing the guy standing there and taunting the opponent makes we wanna throw up. Sportsmanship? Not in the NHL apparently.
  9. Exactly, if we wanted a winger we should have taken Tkachuk. There's a major difference between having a young winger switch sides and using a natural center as a winger during their development years. Evans is good and I'm glad we have him, but there's absolutely no reason for him to play center instead of Kotkaniemi. Staal has been a disaster and clearly shouldn't play center instead of Kotkaniemi. We've seen it time and again with this organization, hence the concern.
  10. Not quite but close enough, let's hope there'll be many more to come
  11. Methinks Caufield is due for his first tonight
  12. Another one I totally forgot about
  13. That dude too, not sure he technically counts though 🤣
  14. Totally forgot about Cole, short stint but definitely great while we had him. Otherwise my vote would probably go to Gionta. You‘re right though, both Hamrlik and Cammalleri are up there but it’s been a while for sure.
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