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  1. Yup, no room for Byron and Lehkonen really, although I don't know if Perreault is an upgrade (he may well be). They could all alternate on the 3rd/4th lines (including Paquette) and there will be injuries for sure but like you said, we just have too many wingers under contract and they're not really press box material. I don't want to lose Lehkonen because he's smart and clearly valuable in a shutdown role but if we can use him and some combination of draft picks/prospects to upgrade, so be it. Completely agreed on Poehling, if he's ready and still in the plans, using him on the fourth line would definitely preferable. He seems to have taken a step forward last season, but that would make the forward group even less experienced than it already is, especially down the middle.
  2. All right, let's give this a shot. Pretty sure we'll need to trade some bodys but as it stands, my preliminary lineup would probably look something like this: Anderson - Suzuki - Caufield Drouin- Kotkaniemi - Toffoli Hoffman - Evans - Gallagher Perreault - Paquette - Armia Poehling Edmundson - Petry Romanov - Savard Chiarot - Wideman Kulak Price Allen Not a bad team at all but Gallagher and Toffoli are our most experienced forwards, which may not be ideal. However, I'm fine with giving the kids a real shot, it's time we find out if Kotkaniemi can take the next step or not and he needs to be put in a position to succeed in order to accomplish that. Losing Danault will hurt I think, even though Evans could be a decent replacement. We'd probably have a #1 line centered by Suzuki, whereas our #2 and #3 lines are pretty much interchangable and could take any shape or form. I'm already missing our 4th line from the playoffs though, they were so much fun to watch. On D, I'd prefer to spread out the 4 big guys to give additional responsibilities to Romanov and not have two of Ed/Chiarot/Savard on the same pairing. That's probably what they're planning though and I'm sure we'll see them play together often enough. I do think the playoffs are possible with this roster, but it's not going to be easy in our division.
  3. Too bad, was hoping he‘d be back.
  4. He did just win it all Marc, against your team by the way. Interesting logic. Without adding anyone significant, we're not going to be a better team next season. I really don't think replacing Weber, Tatar, Danault, Perry, and Staal with Savard, Wideman, and Paquette is going to cut it, let's hope MB isn't done.
  5. Pitiful that evidently no one involved in the decision was able to see the potential repercussions in this day and age.
  6. Wow, the Oilers dishing out weird long-term deals like there‘s no tomorrow
  7. Better than expected, I can live with this.
  8. Given those reports, I'm guessing 4 years at 5M AAV. Slow clap.
  9. That's good to know. How's his skating though? Just in case it's not working out for him in Green Bay
  10. No idea if he's even willing to sign here but I agree, with Weber out I'd throw both money and term at him. It's not like we have the option to find someone internally, it's really Hamilton or nobody else. Signing both Savard and Hamilton would be perfect, which probably means it's not going to happen, but it's nice to dream. Having Edmundson/Petry, Chiarot/Hamilton, and Romanov/Savard on the backend would be pretty sweet.
  11. We'll re-sign both Perry and Staal. We'll offer Hamilton a contract but he decides to sign elsewhere. We'll overpay for Martinez instead. Danault will realize that he's not going to get the money he wants and stays in Montreal, giving us essentially the same lineup as last season.
  12. For sure, I don't think they'd be willing to trade Eichel for KK straight up. Not sure I like this though, I'd rather have traded for Reinhart. If BUF really gave him away for Levi and Florida's 1st rounder, I think we could have offered something similar. That would have left us with Suzuki, Reinhart, and Kotkaniemi down the middle, which would be quite nice I think.
  13. Very true, I'm still curious though... is this is all MB or did he check with his "boss" first? The move does come with some repercussions PR-wise, which is usually something Molson would have some interest in. Also, fair point regarding Bergevin's stance on character. Picking the kid is one thing, but he's going to be on a very short leash.
  14. That would probably mean Kotkaniemi’s days in Montreal are over…
  15. Absolutely, it’s a really weird move given the heavy emphasis he‘s placed on the importance of character, intangibles, and whatnot. I‘d rather not have to deal with this at all and it‘s coming from way out of left field but here we are. I‘m kind of wondering if Molson was okay with the pick beforehand and nodded it off. We‘ll find out soon enough I suppose.
  16. I don’t like the pick either, but it is what it is and I‘m not inclined to knee-jerk reactions (trying not to at least, it’s a work in progress thing I guess). Be that as it may, there are plenty of decisions in my life I‘m not proud of, so I‘m not going to cast the first stone. Hopefully the kid will be able to turn the page and grow from this. Let’s see how it turns out.
  17. Ballsy? Yes, certainly. The right move? Definitely not. I understand that other teams teams were willing to pick him as well, but I'm really not fond of the message we're sending here. On the other hand, we're talking about an adolescent who made a terrible mistake. He's not the first one and won't be the last. Legally, if I understood everything correctly, the thing is settled and done with. If he's truly remorseful about what happened, and I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt here unless there's clear evidence to the contrary, there's something to be said about 2nd chances as well. It's highly controversial for sure, I'm not sure we need the drama.
  18. I may be alone on this one but I'm glad we still have him
  19. Agreed, that's just ridiculous. Ristolainen is certainly better than Ghostibehere but they essentially have the same flaw, i.e. playing sound defense and keeping the puck out of their own net. Good trade for Buffalo I'd say, and the Ghostibehere trade in itself is still a big question mark for me. Unless I'm missing something, I just don't understand how that's the best deal they could have gotten around the entire league.
  20. So sad, I truly hope he‘ll manage a comeback but it really doesn’t sound good. Ending his career like this would be a tragedy.
  21. Do we really have to start every freaking season in Toronto? Seriously… so boring.
  22. I‘d be interested no doubt, but I don‘t think he‘d be having a good time in Montreal given his history. He may not even consider signing here, depending on his options of course. Sports and politics don’t tend to go very well together I think, as soon as there‘s a dip in performance that stuff will be brought up for sure.
  23. Oh no, we're doomed... Bezos is going to take him into space!!11!
  24. https://www.tsn.ca/philadelphia-flyers-ryan-ellis-nashville-predators-1.1668907 Pretty big deal… Ellis, Nolan Patrick and Cody Glass on the move.
  25. I‘m fine with this, we‘re very thin at center without Danault and he’s been great but he‘s not a guy we should be spending dollars and term on. 30M/6 years still is a very good contract for what he brings, plus there‘s plenty of endorsement money for him to be earned in QC. I‘d be shocked if he got a considerably better deal elsewhere, although taxes are a factor of course.
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