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  1. From Eric Engels : I know there’s been a lot of buzz about Montreal and Jack Eichel. I’ve got friends asking me every hour about it. Believe the Canadiens have poked around, but have been told they’re not heavily invested in acquiring him. Things can change fast, as always, but not sure they will.
  2. Because we should live in a society where there are ramifications for your actions and ramification for being a shitty human being. Should he never get to play prohockey? Not saying that ... should teams have shunned him and possibly made his route to making hockey a career that much harder? Yes. Far too often fame, money or power and you get to walk scot free from your actions. And that'll be fine as well ... as that would be the paying the consequences for his actions instead of jumping to the NHL and making close to a million a year.
  3. Devils advocate .... if Weber is out and all we can get is Ristoleinen then Chiarot - Petry Edmundson - Risto Romanov - Kulak/Brook Might actually work, but Hamilton as a UFA and no assets is better
  4. Yeah boggles the mind when you consider Knights and their draft. Given who Kraken have taken they're likely a bottom team ... is there an up and coming superstar next year to draft?
  5. Or they were as much in dark us anybody and decided to not take the chance and instead select somebody who will in fact play
  6. The rumor I read is that Price asked to be exposed. Both he and Weber gave ultimatums to MB before the start of 2019/2020 season which was cut short by Corona. I can dig around for the interview. Everything in my opnion is pointing to Weber deciding to hang it up and Price deciding to get out of Montreal as they had their chance this year and likely won't make the finals again next year. Kraken have nothing to lose here. They select Price ... if he's injured he's on LTIR and doesn't hurt their cap. If he's not, they get the guy who most analysts agree is the best goalie in the league. If Price retires, there's no cap payback either. The moment Price was exposed, I was confident Kraken are going to take him and its a new era in Montreal.
  7. Given Weber going down and other changes the Habs window with Price seems to have shut, or is shutting. His wife is from the state of Washington, he's from the west coast ... it all kind of makes sense. I'm also reminded of comments he and Weber made pre-covid about winning it in the next 2-3 years and implied wanting out of MTL if it didn't happen
  8. Rumor is we've exposed Price
  9. I think Eichel is overhyped ... and I'd rather keep NS/KK as our future 1/2 guys and build around them ... espcially now that Weber is done, we should be going on a youth movement and aiming for 2-4 years from now.
  10. Friedman ... think it was him, saying Habs are courting Eichel and Landeskog hard with various names going the other way including KK and multiple picks.
  11. Nothing that confirms he's announced his retirement ... just that he "needed time to assess"
  12. Given the peculiar nature of his LTIR ... his trade value is probably nill as most teams are going to what some serious assurances he will in fact play. He miiiight have limited value to a team trying to make the salary floor, but reality is he's untradeable at the moment for all practical purposes.
  13. The whole "cap cheating" and "ref bias" thing ... lets be blunt, the Habs just aren't very good ... period. They lose game 5 One to Zip ... you can't win if you don't score. Did the cap thing and ref bias make it harder for the Habs? Yes. Did they lose on a biased call tonight? no ... they lost because they simply can't score ... despite the miracle run when you got Staal and Perry getting regular shifts, we kept playing Merrill far too long, the list goes on and on They're just a mediocre team.
  14. KK 1g3a in last 10 PO games, -4 Staal 1g0a in last 10 PO games, -5 Really, there's zero justification for sitting KK over Staal
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