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  1. In hindsight, Galchenyuk was more suited to be a winger ... but ... they still play this game with all our young players. Rather than letting them learn they repress them by overly limiting ice time, not putting them into situations they should be expected to play in their prime and thus stunting their development. I'll use Kotkaniemi as the example. Even as young as he is, 3 years into the NHL he should be one of our top 2 C's behind Dano or Suzuki. JK has flashes of brilliance, vision that is rarely seen in players, However, the Habs coaching keeps overly sheltering him to the p
  2. Did Kotkaniemi get hurt? He's got 6 m of ice time in the game ... Staal has 8
  3. Guys were too busy replaying that beautiful goal in their heads and fell asleep
  4. If our guys currently injured are healthy come play off start ... you are 100% correct on how DD will deploy the players. Staal, Merril, Perry, Weber, Chiarot, Price all over used because of experience when clearly the talent has slipped away.
  5. And this is the problem with the MB Era ... relying on Price to fix all the problems with the rest of the roster and expecting him to steal every game for us. He's out on Concussion protocols, doubt he's back for the 1st round, even if he is has he honestly played any better than Allen this year? No.
  6. Forgot we were playing, tuned in to see them score the 2nd goal ... lol pathetic
  7. Given that Poehling is from Minnesota, and if the Wild believe he can at least be a 3rd line, maybe 2nd line C I can see them going for this
  8. George will look silly when Wilson doesn't follow his code
  9. I think the more likely explanation, is he was playing poor and he pushed himself too much in the aggression and physical play and did indeed hurt himself now
  10. A Habs Win and a Jets loss tonight and we're in 3rd
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