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  1. I kinda like those lines. All the vets on the fourth line, that should be interesting. Predicting a convincing Hab victory.
  2. I think we should find out what Rejean Houle would do first before we pull the trigger on this one.
  3. Stall playing with Drouin and Tofolli. Might work. Price left pratice early after getting hit with a puck. Something that did not happen on Saturday night.
  4. Yes I seen that , but at 4.5 million not sure how that could work. Would sending Bryon to the Flyers maybe work.
  5. Jonathan Drouin – 8/10 Easily the biggest beneficiary of the coaching change. His skill finally has a purpose shift in and shift out. Canadiens best player without a doubt. Much more willing to try and get his shot off. Fantastic tip to tie the game was his goal if not for Perry’s pant leg. Growing into the player most believed he could be when he first arrived in Montreal. Lets give credit when due, since so quick to criticize at other times.
  6. Been waiting for this since the day they hired him. My week is looking so much better. Not much faith in MB getting the new personnel right. But any thing is better then Claude.
  7. Think it is a little early to abandon the ship. Getting rid of Claude is a great idea, never liked him from day one. His inability to adjust during a game, is hard to watch. The whole team is playing poorly, blaming this player or that player is not of any help. I am confident that the guys will turn it around. This team is the best we have had in many years. As Suzuki said they are playing not to lose and that attitude needs to change.
  8. Price needs to play some games. Rest yes, but lets get him back on his game. He plays much better when he plays lots.
  9. I would expect Carey to have an excellent game tonight. If not we might be in for another long season. Will say a 3-1 Hab win.
  10. Looks like Mete in Kulak out. Are they show casing or trying to make him happy. He would be a great addition to a lot of teams. Hate to see him go.
  11. We must be watching different games. He was one of the best on the ice last night. Played a complete game and was even hitting. One goal and five assists to start the season. He is going to have a career year.
  12. Great start for Drouin, on track for a 168 point shortened season. If not for the ref getting in the way, he would of had a A+ start to the season. Sure we have more to come from that line.
  13. Great to see Mete stick with the team. Believe he will make it difficult to keep him from the lineup. Really expect him to have a break out year. Along with Drouin, Anderson and Suzuki. Could see Kotkaniemi and Toffoli getting off to a slow start. Hope I am wrong on that one.
  14. I also really like this signing. If we are playing the same team for two or three games at a time. Things are going to get ugly like they do in the playoffs. We will need some guys that can handle the tough stuff. Send Weal any where Laval or another team. No one will miss him.
  15. The next time Max dons a Hab sweater. It will be with the Alumni. That ship has sailed.
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