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  1. I believe that this team will make the playoffs this season. The new guys coming here all have a desire to play for the Habs, which will make them better player’s. Not sure about Hofmann on that one but maybe he will surprise me like Toffoli did. Savard will be much better then everyone assumes he will be. Still a good chance Eichel will come here in a trade. Much like the Bobby Smith deal when he was being unappreciated in Minnesota. We gave up some good players but became a much better team.
  2. This is a very good signing, he will be in the lineup on most nights. Watched him play many a game in Winnipeg he is a defensively very sound gritty forward.
  3. Playoffs must be over, as the doom and gloomers are back out in full force. Players are not falling out of the sky super ready to play for the Habs. This is pretty much what I expected from today. When Weber is ready to go around the new year we will be looking pretty good. This is only one day, lot can happen before the season starts. But I wouldn’t count on it.
  4. Watched the pick live last night, and when they went to MB he was all by himself. Which I found kind of strange. Then he made the pick and it all made sense. So seems everyone in the organization must of known what he was about to do.
  5. One of the very few who supported this guy coming to Montreal when it happened. He is without a doubt a true warrior of the game. Still not convinced he is finished. Heard a few people say that it would be very just if he is out for the entire season. We get Tampa in round one and he comes back to play in it.
  6. Looks like a few of us got it right. Knew we were not losing Price or Weber.
  7. Also a report that they already have a deal with Driedger on a three year deal.
  8. Read some where that Mrs Price said on Twitter that this will all make sense in a few days. So do not believe Price or Weber are going anywhere.
  9. Believe a deal has already been reached with Seattle. None of this makes a lot of sense, so that would be my best guess. A draft pick going to them and guy like Fleury getting picked. Would only be Drouin if they are the only people in the world that know what is going on with him.
  10. That Stanley Cup ring on his finger probably earns him a lot of leeway.
  11. Not sure I buy this story. Might just be an expansion draft ploy. If it works great, but personally I think Weber will play for us next season.
  12. I am very pleased with this signing. At 1.7 million for three years, seem like a steal. Claude I am pretty sure signed at 5 million for 5 years. First time in many years that the coaches make sense to me. If Bouchard does not want to be here, we’ll I wish him well elsewhere.
  13. See Tarasenko wants out of St Louis. If he can pass a physical. A Drouin swap might be good for both teams.
  14. Josh started the season playing with Suzuki and Drouin and they looked really good . Believe that is when he got most of his goals. Hopefully that continues tonight.
  15. We showed we can play with them and should of won game two. If Price can get out of his funk. No reason we cannot win the next game.
  16. I would definitely see if Price would allow us to not protect him in the up coming draft. He has been the same since the day he got here. He cost a few GMs jobs because everyone thinks he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Then wham he goes into a funk and it’s like, who me. Time to move on. Sign Pekka Rhinne and platoon the two goalies. Primeau may turn out who knows. Time to move on😂
  17. Like a Mike Cammaleri with a better work ethic.
  18. Habs in seven, this is going to be a tough one. But if our defence hits the skilled forwards every time they enter the zone we should come out on top. The Islanders defender did not seem to do a lot of that, they were more interested in going for the puck. Need to set the tone in game one and knock some guys around. Legally of course. Not going to keep that power play off the board.
  19. I do believe that Taylor Hall would be a great fit in Montreal. Cannot see anyone paying him huge dollars after his last season. He would in my opinion be a point a game player again on this team. Other then him I would pass on all others. Hamilton will get huge dollars and a sign and trade scenario would scare me away. Ovi is not going any where, which is too bad.
  20. Cannot see Price letting in 5 goals on 22 shots. I think we will be just fine. Vegas is good but we are better .
  21. Mike Riley was on that same Bruin blue line.
  22. No reason we cannot go all the way if Price can keep it together. The rest will do him and many others a lot of good, unlike it did for Winnipeg. Wiping that silly smile off of Mathews face from when they were up 3-1, is enough to keep me happy for quite awhile. Someone mentioned they did not have a lot of years left to get a cup. So being in the same boat , why not now.
  23. Definitely Colorado, Fleury could definitely be trouble in a series. Not to mention Patches and Stone. No reason we cannot keep Colorado’s top line in check.
  24. Expected to read a lot more apologies to our much disrespected defenders. Weber and Chariot mostly. Not to mention Eric Stall who had two assists in game seven.
  25. Let’s hope MB does not trade him to Washington for Kuznetzov. Read that rumour somewhere.
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