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  1. Ya know....ANYTIME ya feel like going for a 3 hour drive (west), I always got lotsa dishes for ya......since it IS one of your favorite chores.... {wish I had a dishwasher }
  2. True The poster below cant believe (as I cant) that this thread is still going
  3. HILARIOUS! (If I knew how to do it, I'd give that a face palm) Wow, unbelievable.
  4. Jennifer's Body - *sigh* Just horrible......2/10 (don't even know what the "2" would be for, but whatever...) Saw VI - Wow. Udder disappointment. Though I guess I didn't really expect much, they've seemed to have gotten worse (less good) with each one they do. First two were great, third was good, fourth was alright/ok, and the fifth and sixth were pointless...IMO. Thought I heard this was going to be the final movie in the series, but they left it open for, possibly, another one. End It Already!......5/10
  5. Touche. Perhaps I would have had a different opinion if I did in fact see it in the theatre where I could experience it as it was meant to be, or even if I had of seen it on a good copy on DVD. My main thing was the story itself. Just didn't really find it all that interesting. I'm sure the visuals were amazing in the theatre (3-D and all...). From what I've seen in the commercials on my HD t.v., they look darn good. But for me, I'd rather cheesy graphics with a great story/plot, instead of superb graphics with a lame story/plot. [Perfect example: Star Wars I, II, III, as well as
  6. Yeah, they've gotten so big, there's now a musical ("American Idiot") based around their music... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Idiot_(musical)
  7. Avatar Saw a copy burnt from the internet. Bad picture, made it really hard to get into. That, and the fact I missed the first 15-20 minutes. Other than that, it was decent {at best}, but I really dont know what the big "hoopla" is about this movie. Story-wise, I'd give it a 6.5, and that's being generous. Not my "cup of tea", I suppose. Doubt I'll watch part 2.....which I guarantee there will be.
  8. Good call. (actually took me a second to get that )
  9. "The Number 23"......I thought it was actually a pretty good movie. Didn't think I'd like it as much as I did. I kept trying to decifur if peoples names, the names of stores, addresses (anything and everything) actually did come out to be 23. Wow. Crazy. Started making me go a little nutz!! I'd give it an 8.9/10. Two Thumbs Up!!!
  10. I Am Legend (Will Smith) - Not bad, not great...could've been worse, could've been better.....6.5/10
  11. You're listening to cake? Does it usually talk to you before you eat it? What's it sayin'?
  12. Busta Rhymes - It's All Good Hilarious song. Explicit lyrics/content...funny stuff.
  13. A lot of my favorite song lyrics I probably couldn't/shouldn't post here, but here's 3 of my favorites. **Sorry in advance for the lengthy post** (I appoligize if anyone is offended in any way, shape or form by the first one. There was a lot of controversy surrounding this song, but there is a meaning, and a point, though many people are too ignorant to realize, and too quick to judge.) Band- Slayer Album - Chr*st Illusions *(can't write Chr*ist on here? And Satan is fine? Hmm...anyway, I mean no offence, it's just the name of the album.) Song - Jihad (this is the last p
  14. You saw that too, eh?! Crazy, anyways....Now I'm listening to the "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou" Soundtrack ("Man Of Constant Sorrow", more specifically). Saw parts of the movie, didn't care for what I saw, really, but I do like the music.
  15. Slayer Pantera (R.I.P. Dimebag ) Guns N' Roses (original line up, though their last album was pretty good) Johnny Cash (R.I.P. ) Crowbar Down Black Sabbath (w/ Ozzy) Sepultura (original line up) Deicide (older stuff/original line up) Cypress Hill Primus Metallica (old stuff...R.I.P. Cliff ) ...and much more, from Megadeth and Motorhead to Lynyrd Skynyrd and Beethoven. I just love music!!! Interesting question, though a little off topic (I actually had a hard time when asked): If you were gonna be put on an island (let's just say, for arguments sake), and could
  16. I'm pretty sure this is the beginning of the end for Sergei Kostitsyn in Montreal. I like the kid, just no room for him.
  17. Ya got some cool pics on your website. Nice "hotties" too!! WOW! 1 question...why the Habs logo with the American flag design in it??

  18. Exactly! I'm not saying to have 3 assistants out of respect for Koivu, not at all, I just can't see us giving the "C" to one of the new guys, or anyone else currently on the team. I would almost take it as a slap in the face if I were one of the Habs that have been there a couple years or more. Maybe in time, but not yet. Also, as Lizard pointed out, there's really not a clear cut leader on the team. Markov? I dunno. I think he's a leader, but one who leads by doing, not really by talkin', plus, there's the whole launguage thing (his English isn't the greatest, is it?). I would forever
  19. Perfect! Heck, just trade Plekanec. But as for the captaincy....3 assistants, I like that idea... Markov, Lapierre, Hamrlik.
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