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  1. Pennsylvania - A 41 year old man in the western part of the state kept shooting fireworks at his neighbors. Police had already known this suspect since he called them the day before saying two men were trying to kill him. He then said everything was all right. When police responded to the fireworks call, they found the suspect covered in sweat and hallucinating. After tackling the suspect, they found drugs in his possession and he was also arrested for causing a potential catastrophe and filing a false report in connection to the previous call.
  2. Do what? Fire Bergevin or sell the team?
  3. Why couldn't Bergevin been looking for defensive help? We were going to need that even if Staal hadn't suddenly declined?
  4. NHL.com. New Jersey defenseman P. K. Subban is done for the season due to Covid.
  5. The return of the NHL's version of crud duds, most awful uniforms worn.

    Your Rant.

    That might be, but men have been taught they made an even bigger mistake supporting women. It's an expected result of finding themselves being marginalized, terrorized, and ridiculed by the very groups they were supporting.
  7. Does somebody else think he came back too soon?
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