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  1. Could see this coming as we are missing so many players! if we manage to limp into the playoffs and get some guys back we should be better it won't be enough but we should be better.
  2. Should be interesting tonight. the Laffs may take us lightly as we are so banged up on the other hand we may just not show up! it is pretty crazy when you look at how many of our core players are out.
  3. I would hope MB is gone..... but we have mounted a comeback so........
  4. The team has been all over the place this year which is tough for a young center to deal with he has had a good stretch here and seems to be finding his way.
  5. Already has as many goals as JD......
  6. I wonder how much offence was stifled in LA the way he played in Vancover and now here he seems to be an easy 30 goal man with plenty more upside. this was a good signing for us!
  7. He looked like Larry Robinson a couple of times last night! not just because of the stash
  8. yeah don't really care what Douche said I remember what I read and when it comes to injuries I don't take anything this team says at face value! there is also probably zero chance Webber is going to be anywhere other than the first pairing whether he deserves it or not! I really liked Chiarot with Romanov last night it was a good blend of speed and heavy hitting Petry seems most comfortable with Edmundson so in a perfect world that would leave Webber with pretty much any other good skating Dman on the team and yes the third pairing would be a good place for him this year even the power play wa
  9. Yeah they were really happy for the kid, boy he is going to be good.
  10. several weeks ago there some reports of him playing with a bad shoulder. I have a torn rotator cuff right now and I can tell you this I would not be able to play hockey with it! We will of course never find out if he was hurt but my point is even if it was 4-5 games what the heck kind of decisions are these guys making here? I will say Kulak played a good game tonight I will be interested to see how long it lasts.
  11. If it turns out that Webber has really been hurt for a while like some reports in the past mentioned then what the heck was he doing on the ice! we have so many NHL level Dmen there is no excuse!
  12. Really happy for the guys this has been a crazy stretch for them and add the injuries on too. nice to see them step up when they really had too. the other thing that was good is it was new players doing it CC Tofu Evans Primeau really great.
  13. Going to be good for his confidence!
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