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  1. so more money coming our way. he will be out for quite some time and a guy like him that relies on speed......might be time to buy him out! after the injury of course...
  2. Yep too much cash! the more I look at D men and centers you really have to draft them or hope to swing a trade they are too much money in free agency!
  3. Really don't care what that little troll has to say.
  4. What a shame. oh well MB is a fool sometimes.
  5. Pretty sure they are going to want a center coming back as Eichel was the man in Barfalo and KK could come right in and play at a good level.
  6. Hope not Perry is a winner through and through we need a guy like him when things are going of center he has been there and done that and the young guys seem to really respect him!
  7. I was thinking a trade for Dunn might be doable there are a couple of others but things are in flux right now some move will probably happen in the next couple of weeks.
  8. In my mind this a guy we will need down the stretch. make it happen! he proved he can still be a force when you need some 4th line action! a small raise is probably all it would take.
  9. We can also afford to let another asset go on wing I know they would not go for Byron but perhaps Lehks or someone else. There should be a way to make this work Eichel is a special player who got drafted by one of the dumpster fire teams in the league he may just blow people away when the games count.
  10. In free agency yeah but MB tends to do better in trades anyways. I hope that trend continues!
  11. Drouin and KK for Eichel works for me! as long as the medical team feels he will be good after he heals up. I can only imagine how Eichel would be here with the fans and the wingers he would have to work with! even with a less mobile Dcorps we would be ok not all we could be but ok. I will say this if by some miracle Webber was back for the playoffs I would really really not want to be a forward entering our zone in the playoffs!
  12. Not sure but I have seen him fill in at center from time to time.
  13. Fairly happy with today as long as we look at some kind of trade to get another improvement. My hope is it would be on D but I have a feeling we are going to go for a certain center in Barfalo
  14. He was the best guy available and he is good but wow 9mil for 7 years.......not too sure about that.
  15. The mob is unhappy part of being a Habs fan!
  16. Yep and we have some good young centers who need non plugs to pass to! up front we are looking pretty good I really wish we could have gotten Hamilton but that is a lot of cash! I know it is market value but we really need to be drafting some of these guys if we ever want to be a force!
  17. Yep scoring was our issue in the playoffs, no Drouin and Tater hurt us that is usually a good 40-45 goals a year right there.
  18. I have been thinking the same thing, if he is planning a trade he may need to get the chips in place first to be sure he can pull it off.
  19. Yeah I was thinking that too. MB has never liked the free agent frenzy. he will have the cash to make a move or perhaps two once he gets done with Lehks and KK.
  20. I agree and the price is fair value to him and the team.
  21. Happy with this extension Armia is one of those players you can move around in a pinch that won't hurt you! and his stick is made out of velcro.
  22. Boy! Vegas sure has treated Fleury badly! at least call the guy when you trade him!
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