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  1. Options I think MB might have: 1. Trade a player like Chiarot or a mid-round draft pick for Vince Dunn. 2. Make an offer sheet to Rasmus Dahlin. 3. Make a play for a young D man who isn't established yet (Thomas Harley with Dallas, Victor Soderstrom with Ari, Cam York with Phi, etc.). 4. Hope that one of his own young guys takes a big leap and is ready (Norlinder, Brook, Guhle...). 5. Trade Drouin for D help.
  2. Had a list over the past year or two of young D men that I thought MB could have been able to target... in the past, I've had guys like Theodore, Byram, and Dobson on that list and I think the ship has sailed on all of them as they established themselves in the NHL. This year, I had players like Jake Bean, Vince Dunn, and Conor Timmins. All three of those guys have been claimed/traded and for nothing returns (one exposed in ED for free, one for a 2nd rounder, one as part of a package deal for a journeyman goalie). You want to find real top 4 D men instead of the bottom pairing muckers he keeps signing and you either have to draft them or develop them for the most part. We lucked out with Petry that Edmonton didn't know what they were doing (and the advanced stats predicted he'd be a steal) but given our LHD prospects are a bit further away and we have no one on the right, it would have been good to go after a guy just about ready to jump into the NHL or a guy under-appreciated by his team (like Dunn). Sad that we missed out on all these guys.
  3. Kuemper is a 31 year-old goalie making 4.5M on an expiring contract. He's on his 4th team, has a career .916 sv % and was at .907 last year. Jake Allen is a 30 year-old goalie making 2.875M with two years to go. He's played for two teams and has a career .912 sv % and he was at .907 last year as well. Pretty comparable performers. So if Colorado had come knocking, I'd have taken Timmins (who I've been saying would have been an available young RHD target for Bergevin) and the 1st and been okay running Primeau as the back-up as we re-build.
  4. I think we'd be giving up more. Buffalo has been asking for 4 assets for Eichel, albeit no one has done it so they may have to give in. They have an injured player on a big contract and he clearly wants out, so they don't have all the leverage in the world. It could be that JK + Drouin + our 1st gets it done.
  5. Kuemper traded from Phx to Col for a 1st rounder and Conor Timmins. Damn. Makes you wonder if they'd have given us that for Allen... or more for Price. Another opportunity missed IMO.
  6. I thought Norlinder was still playing in Europe next year despite his contract with us, but it sounds like MB hasn't ruled out his playing in the NHL (maybe he has a clause to get out of Europe if he sticks in the NHL?)... now HE could bring an element we don't have elsewhere. I also think Brook or Guhle could get a chance to surprise out of camp. I think they'll deal Kulak away, so there's an opening to make the roster over Wideman.
  7. But then you look today and see Carolina sign Deangelo AFTER seeing the wrath the Habs got for their draft pick. 1. Why is no one making a bigger deal out of this move too? 2. Deangelo is probably a bigger scumbag and yet still got a job right away after being released. So does no one in the league have any morals?
  8. We have 6 top 6 wingers now, really: Anderson, Toffoli, CC, Gallagher, Drouin, and Hoffman. We don't have 3 scoring centers to play with them. We also have 3 bottom line wingers in Lehkonen, Byron, and Armia, and Armia can really play above that if needed, as can Ylonen. We have an excess of wingers and not enough quality at center and a terrible D corps. Something has to give. I doubt we're trading Anderson or Toffoli having just signed them last year or Hoffman and Armia having just signed now, CC is our budding star, and Gallagher has a no-trade clause on his new deal. So that leaves Drouin. So either Drouin is going for a D man or else JK and Drouin are being packaged in a trade for a player like Eichel.
  9. Apparently, the Habs didn't invite certain media members who have been critical of Mailloux to Molson's press conference. Stu Cowan of The Gazette said he was not granted the right to ask questions, and the team also reportedly didn't invite TSN690 or CBC or Radio Canada. Another bad look for the Habs here.
  10. Hamilton signing now official at 7 years, 9M AAV in NJ.
  11. Agreed. I think they're going to use Drouin, Kulak, and maybe Lehkonen, Byron, or Kotkaniemi as trade chips. I would put the odds of Drouin lining up here on opening night at 20%.
  12. Not sure we needed to spend on him but he should at least help the PP. Nice to have an offensive weapon.
  13. There was not another option on the UFA market that would have made our D corps legitimate. I would still like to see him go after Vince Dunn via trade. They like defensive guys on expiring contracts, so give them Chiarot for Dunn. It makes more sense for us to pair Dunn-Savard than Chiarot-Savard.
  14. Garrioch says Hoffman to Habs
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