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  1. I hope the kid gets a shot and turns out to be great.........then of course everyone would forget.
  2. A lot of others may feel he can be more productive along with being great defensively. He was given almost zero PP time. Remember that when comparing to other centers minus their pp points then compare? We'll see what the market dictates. I will say I agree I think 5-5.5 will be the most he gets with the flat cap.
  3. Unfortunately "sexting" is very common place today. If anyone really thinks that pictures that are shared between two consenting individuals aren't shown to their friends then they're just being naïve. Yes it was wrong absolutely and it was a mistake. Male and female have both done similar things at spring break and parties and dares. We now live in the age of cell phone cameras and video monitors everywhere. He didn't attack someone. In Europe they have nudity in some of the local news papers also and kids drink at an early age. Non accepted here in north America of course. I'm not condoning what he did. Should his life be changed forever for a mistake as a kid? Not given another chance? I will 100% say I'm glad we didn't have cell phones when I grew up and people weren't so judgmental.
  4. He has averaged .50 points per game which isn't terrible really. While being primarily used as a defensive center with almost no power play time. No he's not Bergeron but take away any comparable centers power play points and then compare? To many considered "top" players take away PP points become average and it's shows once play offs start because pp's are less.
  5. Patrick Kane had acquisitions of sexual assault years ago along with other things ..........but is a star player which actually shouldn't matter but I'm sure most any team would be happy with Kane.
  6. I'd like to see what Drouin/Suzuki/Caulfield could do.
  7. I believe he still has value as a defenseman. That said I highly doubt that Ron Francis would want PK as the face of the franchise. I believe he would much rather have a Price or someone similar. Also you don't want to start a new franchise with someone who true or not has the reputation of being questionable in the dressing room or "team" environment. I just see Ron Francis as a no non since kind of GM as he was a player.
  8. I agree completely. Let Price and Weber both take the season off and use their cap space and for Hamilton and another player and have both come back for the playoffs!
  9. Could be his last decent contract. .5million x 6 = 3 million dollars a lot to leave on the table especially if it's at a lower tax rate.
  10. That's worked so well for Phoenix & Toronto!
  11. Put him on LTIR then go after Seth Jones or Hamilton. Then as posted have Weber come back rested and strong for the playoffs.
  12. I do believe there is a middle ground that would be so much better than it has gotten to now. There are so many calls that a "star" player is barely brushed or touched or a stick comes near that are called. Also now a player can't be hit if he's not prepared to be hit basically. I love speed and skill but good hard hockey is just as good.
  13. Brags the guy that didn't play one regular season game to earn his right to even be there!
  14. I agree with the consistency but I still hate how the game is now called. Knock a stick out of someone's hands slashing stick doesn't break just guy drops it. One of many
  15. Personally I would much rather have "playoff' reffing all season. The regular season hockey has gotten so soft it's terrible.
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