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  1. I haven't written our chances off. It's possible Price comes back rested and focused, like the playoffs last year. Also if we get the players back we can ice a line up to match anyone in the North.
  2. Be carefull what you wish for. At least Bergevin comes from hockey. When Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys then decided he was going to be the GM also the team has failed since. I would rather see another GM but with experience.
  3. Well we pretty much owned Edmonton this season
  4. I would only agree to that if OT was the whole team as the game is played. The reduced 3on3 and the shoot out are just gimmicks. Neither have any place in the game. If they are going to continue the way as is. A regulation win should be 3 points an OT win 2 a shoot out 1 point. Make regulation actually account for the most because that is real hockey. Play the games out and get rid of the 3 on 3 or 4 on 4 and shoot out. The 3 on 3 is getting worse with the possession hockey of going back and forth ect. Make it if you cross the blue line you can't double back skate circles ect. A team could pl
  5. No team or sports organization has no obligation to any fan base or others to disclose injury status. The only time it get more involved is when the betting world gets involved. I am positive that no team cares about 'public opinion' when it comes to the health status of their players. The players themselves may not want issues made public. Which is their right also. Time lines vary wildly also depending on the injury or problem. If any one has done rehab or worked through an issue everyone's recovery rate is different and there is no set time line on recoveries. The thought process that beca
  6. I remember watching that shot and that game also!!!
  7. I do think Poehling will be in the line up next season. He may not be a 30 goal scorer but I could see a strong 20 goal player.
  8. I live in the US and I can not understand how a virus became political. The same people that want everything back to "normal" without restrictions are usually the same that are refusing to get the vaccine. The quickest way to get bet to normal is by a high enough percentage to become vaccinated. We unfortunately went through a Presidency that would deny science in favor of the all mighty dollar and politicize everything. Myself and my wife and most of our friends and family have been vaccinated fortunately. I have a lot of co workers and know a lot of others that are very resistant to take the
  9. I think this is the best line up. CC has played RW his whole career and he is just adapting to the NHL. Let him be as comfortable as possible. Playing off side on a PP is totally different defenseman play off side on PP also Centers sometimes play the point. CC would be with two play makers and JK would be with two shooters. They would get preferred zone starts anyway and the Suzuki line and Danault lines both have worked well together in the past. The Evans line could do some real strong play also. The team could play a fast game with this line up.
  10. Playing the PP is different from regular play. He has played his whole career as a RW . He's just getting used to the NHL let Anderson or an experienced player play his off side and some one with size on their "blind side" . I also think it's sort of funny how many can jump on the switching CC but have a cow when JK is switched position?
  11. It would be great to start a run of a few wins against the leaf's! Isn't the "chosen one" McChicken of Edmonton? HABS win this 4-3 Caulfield gets his fist Tatar , Petry and JK!! GO HABS GO!!!!
  12. I am an American yes but I grew up in Sault Michigan which is North of a lot of Southern Ontario. We are all just fans where we live and where we're from shouldn't make a difference. If any of us were 'experts" we'd be working in the NHL or in some capacity within hockey. I believe most of us probably played at some level or not. Like most I started skating at about 3 and started watching hockey with my father as a kid. CBC Howie and so on. No cable TV at the time "Hockey night in Canada" is what I grew up on. Watching The Canadiens of the 60's through today. Now I always buy Center Ice so I c
  13. A lot of the top scores shoot at all angles. Brett Hull was quoted several times saying he didn't really aim just tried to get his shot off as quickly as possible. Don't let the goaltender get set.
  14. If he were the best "defensively " then he'd be up there with Edmondson in +/- stats also. The "corsi" stats and most advanced stats really don't work well with defenseman. Kulak also hasn't been put in the same roles game in and out and asked to play the same assignments. A defenseman's role is defense first. This may not look great to fantasy hockey leagues. Players like Ghost on Philly and others can "look" great but then end up over the long haul having a hard time staying in teams line ups.
  15. He should play he didn't look out of place he's willing to shoot the puck and he seems to have good instincts. How to keep him in the line up is another issue. I'd like to see Romanov back also.
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