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  1. he won't even be nominated for the calder with this class of rookies.. and he's nothing like Gally
  2. I found that funny.. oh well whatever works right!
  3. Right now Fucale's stats are.. Season Team GP W L T Mins GA SO GAA SH SAV% SGA GAS SSH SSA% 2013-14 Halifax 11 7 4 - 669:09 29 - 2.60 299 0.903 26.8 1 13 0.923
  4. He'll make the fourth line dangerous, I think in the NHL that's where he'd be the most dangerous at 10 minutes a game, energy shifts and penalty killing.
  5. I like this guy alot he's a more complete gorges or has the potential to be anyways
  6. By the logic of Batman being a superhero is Bill Gates also a super hero?
  7. Gally's dad is a strength and conditioning coach so maybe not, hope to see louis turn it around though.
  8. I hate this team but respect them.. they have an excellent playoff formula.
  9. Wayne Simmonds and Evander Kane some intensity and both guys can skate as well so I'd like to see them tag along but I see it unrealistic
  10. False The Poster below me respects Neil Armstrong
  11. Yes the Knights who say Nee require King Arthur to get them the a shrub
  12. I'm interested to know how the batmobile was brought up
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