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  1. So unbelievably over the moon happy right now. It’s s shame we had to lose our homegrown franchise defenseman because of this coach and ecstatic this guy is gone.
  2. I just don't know how many times a coach can try something, fail continuously and yet still keep trying the same thing again hoping for a successful result. 1.Shaw takes selfish penalties and has been a total liability this season but he's one of Therrien's faves so it's ok. Remember when he threw PK under the bus for doing some of the things Shaw is doing right now? 2. Coach playing favorites again at the expense of players with talent. It would be nice to have our best players out during OT. 3.Totally agree. Not impressed with Weber, not at all. My heart is still with PK
  3. They're free-falling right now. Something needs to happen to shake this team up.
  4. I love watching this young Edmonton team play. They're fast and skilled and young. Let's hope the Habs can stop the bleeding and win one.
  5. Whenever I see Subban in that ugly yellow jersey I cry a little inside. This team was molded and tailor made for this coach. Subban and Eller out, Weber and Shaw in. If this team fails to make it to the 2nd round or God forbid miss the playoffs both of these guys deserve to be canned. It seems this team always backs into the playoffs. I totally agree about Price he's been totally average since about November.
  6. They'll both have to go together. MB hasn't fired anyone yet. To his credit he's loyal.
  7. Guess there's a reason why they removed the "No excuses" sign. This coach is all about excuses. You're right it is a cop out and I swear if I have to hear him say puck luck was the reason why they lost again I think I'll lose it.
  8. Yeah, you're right he wasn't arrogant as much as secretive and looking back in hindsight he actually didn't do a bad job when he was the GM.
  9. Brilliant post. Subban always represented the CH with pride. Never did anything off the ice to embarrass the team like driving this truck into a tree or any other such nonsense. The fact is Therrien and Bergevin had preconceived opinions about PK even before they were hired and traded him for nonhockey reasons. I really believe that.
  10. This is just the height of arrogance. He's basically saying that he knows better than all those great hockey minds involved in hockey Canada when it comes to team building. It's also very contradictory if he learned alot why wouldn't he apply this new knowledge to make the team better. My God I thought Gauthier was arrogant but this guy takes the cake,
  11. I think we all knew that Therrien knew of the trade beforehand and I would hazard a guess that his input was the driving force behind many a trade not just the PK one. Sekac, DSP and Eller were also players dealt that Therrien didn't like so it's obvious Therrien is consulted when it comes to trades. I think Bergevin lied because he wanted to protect his coach from any backlash from the trade which is admirable but people aren't stupid either/
  12. What's the over/under on how long it will take before Therrien discards this Bergevin acquisition?
  13. Found and interesting article Montreal found a smorgasbord of mediocrity and deemed it a bottom six. http://www.todaysslapshot.com/nhl-east/montreal-canadiens/canadiens-lacking-depth-direction/
  14. He was treated like crap by the men that ran the team that he loved. How would you feel? He was rarely praised and was thrown under the bus when he made mistakes. He was jerked around when he was up for contract renewal and wasn't even given an on-ice ceremony when he won the Norris. Any jokes made at the Habs expense is warranted and deserved in my opinion. Agree wholeheartedly Hockey players are so bland and (excuse the pun) colorless, PK's star will grow even bigger down south.
  15. Great post The torch was dropped when Roy was traded and the foxhole buddies poured sand on it when they traded Subban.
  16. Yep I would agree with that as well. MB "I'm building through the draft." Trades 2 2nd round picks away for a 3rd liner. They have no clue what the heck they're doing.
  17. Pretty much, Nepotism at its finest. I thought the last regime was bad. This is the worst since Houle/Tremblay.
  18. I hate this trade the more I think about it. If it was a trade to make the team better I could live with it but this was a trade to get rid of Subban because the coach and GM hated him for whatever stupid reasons they had. This trade will be adversely felt for a very long time. That 7.8 cap hit is going to look really bad in a few years, like Gomez bad. Some say he'll be easy to move when he starts to decline because his contract is front heavy. At a 7.8 mil cap hit I disagree, this will be an albatross of a contract to try and unload
  19. Wow. Normally you overpay for your top 6 and your bottom 6 is supposed to be your bargain and underpaid players. MB's cap structure is totally arse backwards. Maybe he thinks Shaw is a top 6 player?
  20. How long is this guy going to keep tinkering with the bottom 6 without addressing the top 6? Who exactly is going to help Plekanec eat tough minutes now that Eller is gone while DD gets sheltered time? Trading a high and mid 2nd rounder for a 3rd liner that wants 4+ mil for 7 years is just moronic.
  21. He's not the GM I thought he'd be and I'm very disappointed in what he's done so far. Not acquiring a top 6 player in 4 years is very disappointing. He goes for the safe and patient moves and hasn't hurt the team long term with bad trades. He's negligent in doing his job though and it seems like it's too hard for him. That doesn't make him the worst GM in Habs history. That title will always go to Houle. and Bergevin isn't even close to that yet.
  22. Goes to show what a clown this coach is. That man could tank Gretzky's career, make him a grinder. Grind dez guys!
  23. You can tell Bergevin truly cares about his players which is refreshing to see coming from a GM. I wish Kassian a speedy recovery and hope he's back in the lineup soon.
  24. It hasn't been pretty so far. He needs to change his philosophy and be more aggressive when it comes to 3 on 3 or we'll lose alot of games.
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