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  1. I feel like Bergevin will sign one more UFA forward for roster depth.
  2. A lot of people seem to believe Perry wanted to re-sign with Montreal and this was some massive whiff by MB. I would guess Perry chose to sign in TB because he feels it gives him a good chance to make it back to the Finals. Dude is not in it for the money anymore.
  3. I don't think signings like Paquette and Perreault are any indication of a trade. It is just MB signing a few fourth line French players so the team can have some French players when the season opens. If anything, we'll probably just find ourselves in a position where our younger players are benched or scratched in favor of some grindy-gritty fourth liner because that's just how we've been doing it as an organization for as long as I can remember. Get ready to see Kotkaniemi in the press-box while Cedric Paquette takes some shifts with Nick Suzuki. Get ready for a steady stream of Savard, Chiarot, Wideman, and Edmundson while Romanov struggles to get ice time.
  4. I think they'll still be competitive. I think he gives himself a decent chance of clawing his way into another Final in the next two years.
  5. Makes sense. He's played against them in the Finals in the past two years and lost. He clearly wants one more Cup before retiring. Good on him for earning himself a two-year deal there. He really showed his value down the stretch with us.
  6. Ethan Prow has signed with Buffalo. Not important news, but it is the first signing of day two!
  7. Farrell is an interesting addition to your trade. I didn't know much about him, but I just read he was regarded as the USHL's best player just a few months ago. I wonder what his ceiling is. Seems like he could be a good trade chip, though!
  8. I'm interested to see what Bergevin does with Lehkonen. I assume KK is going to get a 1-2 year bridge deal. Lehkonen though... Does Bergevin offer something similar to what Armia got? Probably not. 2-3 years?
  9. I cannot imagine much else happening before the season starts, unless Bergevin surprises us all with a trade. We'll re-sign Lehkonen and Kotkaniemi, and that'll be our off-season. That will bring us to 13 forwards, 7 D (I am factoring that Weber will be LTIR), and 2 goaltenders.
  10. I think Perry will probably just take a few days to see everything that's out there. He seems like he wants to win a Cup. I would guess his odds of signing with another team would provide him that opportunity.
  11. I believe it has been reported (from a Timmins interview) that Molson had full knowledge of the pick before it happened.
  12. I like the Hoffman signing. Dude consistently scores 20+ goals. I feel like he can definitely keep doing that over the next three years!
  13. A fringe playoff team that is arguably worse right now than it was during the last season.
  14. I think he'll look good behind Kopitar though.
  15. Good luck Danault. Pleasure having him here for many years and I loved watching him munch on that pizza in the playoffs!
  16. It certainly would be funny. I'm doubtful it happens, but if Danault is coming back to Bergevin, wanting to negotiate... I'm definitely less inclined to provide the same money and term as we put out there earlier in the year.
  17. LOL. Has the interest in him been that low? If I'm Bergevin I am low-balling him now. Three years, 4M per.
  18. Good ol' Nate Thompson is off to PHI on a one-year deal worth 800K.
  19. The NJ/Bernier deal feels like a bit of an overpayment to me.
  20. Bergevin is on a roll with the "character" acquisitions this week.
  21. Also. I am totally fine with the Paquette and Wideman deals. I don't really care about getting those players, but at least it's one-year terms and affordable AAV. Maybe Wideman ends up being better than I would expect.
  22. I can't believe people forgot to mention that we signed Jean-Sebastian Dea and Louis Belpedio.
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