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  1. I would much rather have okposa and errickson at 5 or 6 million over the next 5 years than paying 12 million for stamkos I think we are good down the middle, gally, pleks, eller and Mitchel, you add two 25 to 30 goal wingers. DRaft one of 3 big dee to play with subban ...we would be set for the next 5 years
  2. Not to defend Berg or Therrien... I feel sick just mentioning their names. But McCarron really took off when he was moved to center in Junior. He was one of the main reasons that his team beat MCdavids team in the playoffs, I love that he is playing centre. And I hope they don't make the same mistake they made with Galchenyk and put him on the wing. He will be a dominat force in the next couple of years.
  3. That would be crazy, Therrien know's exactly what he is doing and should be coach of the year... Just look at how much Tinordi developed by sitting in the press box.... While players like Boullion and Murray played.. Sheesh
  4. Never hurts to have a shot, or two or three from the Capt... He actually was Captain Morgan here in the cape... for 2 years..
  5. I watched him play in Cape Breton when he was a junior player, one of his greatest assets was how calm he was all over the ice. He is a very smart hockey player. I have not seen him play since Junior but have been following his rise through the ranks. Good Luck Morgan..
  6. if this does not get him fired, i don't know what will, I hope pk looks for a trade and this becomes our next roy fiasco. subban gets no respect, and this coach keeps his job while making our team the laughing stock of the league Edited for bashing -Manatee
  7. Just because we fired the coach and went on a run and made the playoffs does not mean we still cannot do the right things. This team has a really good nucleus. Just one of the worst coached teams in the league. There is a reason we are the worst team right now, price cannot help Therrien. A well coached team would have us in the top 10 - 15 teams without price, with price your a top 5 to 10 easily, and any team in the top ten can win a cup. Sherback has had a rough year but will be a top six winger in 2 years and I suspect MCcarron will be a dominant force withing 2 years. Players like Markov and Pleks are still valuable players with the Nuclues of players we have - Gallchenyk, Eller, Gallager , Pathces, Subban, Petry, Beulieu. They are just not utilized properly. I can only imagine how much better our offence would be if Patches played with Galchenyk and Gallager 20 minutes a night. And Eller and Pleks were your shutdown Center what they are meant to be. We just need a coach not afraid to use youth, ala chicago blackhawks, waste your money on the top tier players, you can always plug holes with the youth. Why we continue to invest in fourth line players and bottom dee pairings is beyond me.
  8. The worst part of this whole fiasco as that because price went down with an injury Therrien gets a free pass. I have no doubt if price was still playing we would be still be in the position we are now. And Therrien would have been fired....When we won with price therrien is a masterful coach, when we lose without price, its not therrien fault because he does not have his best player When Condon has given up only 2 goals our record is only 5w, 4l, and 1ot, when he has given up 3 goals, our record is 2w, 8 l, 2 OT, When Brayden Holtby has given up 3 or 4 goals hs record is 6w, 2 loss, 13 games when he has given up 2 his record is 12 w and 1 loss. If you know just to be a 500 team you have to give up 2 or fewer that is to much pressure on a goalie..............
  9. Yep no help for us.... 16 games, 5 goals, 7 assist and a + 1
  10. Get on the phone, contact Larry Robinson for coach and get Carbo and Muller as his assistants.
  11. A clip about female coaches in hockey. I like the quote from Bob Trevling. Best person for the job. If only the Montreal Canadians realized its not about language, Its about hockey, you get the best players you get the best coaches and you get the best GM. “I’m sure there are people closed-minded to it,” he said. “But it’s like anything else. If you’re going out and looking for the best possible talent. The best possible individuals regardless of anything else. I just know that some of the women I know . . . they’re as educated in the game, well-versed in the game as any number of men. “In our situation in Calgary, the first criteria would be: ‘Can you help us be better?’ Outside of that, everything else is somewhat secondary.”
  12. The only one needing to be moved is the GM after todays presser....
  13. If the GM thinks it is acceptable to win less then 25% of your games, be last in almost every category, just because your missing one player, albeit your best plyer then they should be fired................. If Therrien is not fired today then Bergervin should be....
  14. I am willing to cheer for losses until this man is removed from the bench. We als need another top 6 forward. And we need to rid ourselves of DD. I dont care if its for a bag of pucks. Get Eller Back at center. If it cost us the season so be it.
  15. They don't need a goalie, they need a coach and some scoring. Condon has played well. Even the bad stretch he had he still played well, every goalie has a bad stretch.
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