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  1. we probably arent taking a goalie i think thats a safe bet lundell sounds like something we have....low risk, could be solid.....I think we need a serious impact player perfetti, rossi or lapierre sound best to me out of this projected list
  2. 5. Cole Perfetti (5-10, 177), F, Saginaw (OHL) -- A skilled forward with high hockey IQ and competitiveness, Perfetti helped Canada to a second-place finish at the 2019 Hlinka Gretzky Cup with 12 points (eight goals, four assists) in five games. 6. Yaroslav Askarov (6-3, 176), G, SKA-St. Petersburg (RUS) -- An intimidating presence in net with great athleticism and a quick glove. He led Russia to second place at the 2019 IIHF World Under-18 Championship and to first place at the 2019 Hlinka Gretzky Cup, finishing with a 1.25 goals-against average and .960 save percentage in four games the
  3. anyone looked into our potential targets? I was checking it out, it seems marco rossi is the most prolific scorer that could be available in our slot, what do you guys think
  4. not going to disregard these facts, all valid, all true. head to head stat to stat, its been pretty even. Here's my take. 1. I agree with habsalways. if we had to trade him, I wanted 3 assets back like we got with patch. a lateral move for an older guy is a bad trade. 2. subban went to a cup final. then he won a presidents trophy and had another deep playoff run, within inches of a wcf final the next year. he was nominated for a norris and was a beast in both playoff runs 3. with the habs , he went to 2 ecf finals and a 2nd round. he was a beast and a major contributor in e
  5. Ok, as you can see I have graded the significant moves. 1. lateral moves obviously don't improve the team. as much as subban has fallen off a cliff in NJ (funny how we only won after he falls off a cliff, forget that it was a clear loss for the 1st 3 years) and as much as chuck has turned out to be a big nothing burger, the guys we got in, weber and domi, are essentially doing the jobs those guys were doing while they were here. so its a wash 2. Plus moves.....danault turns out to be a big win, however, he is merely a replacement for what plekanec was, which is an asset we completel
  6. would I have preferred we make the playoffs, absolutely. I agree, just the experience is great. Its the philosophical approach though. we are playing tampa, who has a juggernaut, and still made 2 significant trades and a d signing to stack up even more. Based on our philosophy, a playoff berth is incredible and proof positive that theres no way we would sacrifice draft picks or anything to add... we dont even make it and its somehow justification to maintain status quo. like i said, loser mentality
  7. To expand on some points being made here: 1. I have read a lot of stuff online, most recently jack todd to use as an example, citing how we could have made the playoffs if we beat detroit and NJ , basically saying how with those 8 pts we are in the playoffs, therefore talent isn't the issue. I am sorry if I am offending the optimists on this forum, but this is the be all and end all of everything wrong with things right now. So what, squeaking into 8th has become a victory in our world? And then what, we steal a game or 2 off of tampa or washington or whoever and that's a huge succe
  8. Isn't that the best?? can't risk the future for the present, can't risk the present for the future. Literally telling the fans to their face we are not really trying to win. please, buy a VIP box.
  9. I'm gonna give my breakdown of what we have and what I THINK that THEY think we have 1st line- Tatar-Danault- Galllagher Tatar- I was a fan of his back in detroit. I knew he was going to be good. little digger with nice hands and some finish. is he worth the potentially 7 mil he might potentially want? I dunno. he seems to fit beautifully here. out of all of our 50 ish point undersized forwards, he's my favourite. I don't want to give him 7 mil but maybe he takes less. I think if he has reasonable contract demands he gets extended. He's done nothing but produce here. Dana
  10. thats exactly what Im saying, like I can't believe Im sitting here wishing we lose. Its not intentional, I just knew this year unless we absolutely bombed he would not get fired. well we didnt actually do much better and he was up there without a care in the world talking about the core this and building through the draft that, as if it's all going according to plan and I knew this guys job is 100 million % safe. Like I said, my only hope left is that some of these kids just bust right out because otherwise the plan is very clearly to hang onto the decent players we have, which have self evide
  11. obviously im still on here talking habs with you guys , I'll always follow the team, but I probably watched a single digit amount of games this year and I pay for the stupid streaming service. For the longest time I was going out of my way to see every single game and if I missed it I would watch it back later (since they invented gamecentre live at least) To be honest, I found that its gotten to a point where I just want them to lose every single game so bergevin gets fired and they blow this thing up, and that is just too messed up for me. We have some decent prospects, and if they
  12. Great post. That press conference, oh my god if I wasn't already at rock bottom with this team, that sure put me there. Let me add a couple of things 1. you mentioned how he used suzuki....a guy he didnt draft....as an example of how he is building through the draft. the tragically hilarious thing though, is how exactly DID we get him? The ONE time he did the right thing and moved on from a vet while he still had trade value ( and boy did he ever not want to do it, waited til the absolute last second, and got extremely lucky that not only the prospect he DIDNT want panned out so we
  13. ok, well that I think I agree with you on. I think he's doing the same thing with other players too. Like he is so against the realistic rebuild he's gonna go fine, you want my vets? 5 piece package. no? oh well i TRIED but making trades is so HARD! oh well we had injuries, next year we could totally almost come 8th, Im really positive on that.
  14. It would have been back when we should have traded him before we gave him a billion dollars forever, and he has been very average since then. sakic would be offering grubauer, the 1st and the 3rd best of those 3 prospects. listen, carey is a legit starting goalie and I am in no rush to get him out of town, much like the rangers have hung onto lundqvist (which is now coming to its organic finale) fact is, the days of us asking for the world for him are long gone. I personally think it makes way more sense to max out on the perceived value of weber and gallagher, plus anything e
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