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  1. hey guys, I went to my first two games last season in february. Actually I wanted to write down my experiences immediately but somehow I forgot it The first one was against the Hurricanes. When I first came to the bell centre with a friend we thought we took the wrong direction. In Germany the stadiums are usually not really in the city itself. They are usually located in the outlying area and you can already see them from a certain distance. Then we got in the bell centre and what can I say - I was speechless... When I saw some photos of the stadium, I thought it is really old (maybe be
  2. of course not, stupid question. Sorry about that but thank you for the answers.
  3. In addition, do you know what these guys in front of the bell centre want for their tickets they try to sell 1-2hours before the puck gets dropped? Maybe we're going to watch the game against the stars..
  4. Hey guys I'm in montreal right now til wednesday and I'd love to know if it's possible to go to the training centre and watch them training? Just passed their centre last night and thought it'd be awesome ;-)
  5. Is "Fix you" still the intro song this season? Did not find any videos on youtube for this season.
  6. Hey there, just got a few questions about some NHL shops in Montreal. Would you recommend me to buy some things in these shops or online? But please consider that there will be great shipping costs to Europe. A friend and myself are going to visit Montreal in february and we both look for some fan products. I guess it's easy to find some Canadiens stuff for me but he is searching for Boston Another question is, what are the places you HAVE to visit. It's my first time in this city so I don't know very much about it... Maybe you guys could give me some hints or websites? Sorry if it's not
  7. Hey everyone, I'm from Germany and love watching the Canadiens since their incredible Comeback against Rangers. I was really overwhelmed by the game, players like Koivu and Kovalev, and of course by the crowd. I wouldn't say I am a diehard fan because I don't have a special relation to former players or the city because I have never been there (unfortunately). I'm 19 years old. I don't know so much about hockey (just about hockey in Germany and NHL 11^^) so there will be some ridiculous questions I'll ask. I'd like to know more about hockey, the Habs and the fans. And I hope that I'll visi
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