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  1. The fact that Bergevin went all in one Milan Lucic is very concerning. He's already declining and giving him 6-7 years would have been terrible. And I hate the guy. We dodged a bullet there.
  2. Yeah it does. It depends how the rookies do of course, but I'm pretty high on them. Also Gallagher is on the second line so even without a good left winger he'll drive the play. That fourth line is a good defensive line that can free up easier minutes for the others. I think people's standards are too high, go look at other rosters this is better than most. Look, I'm no Therrien fan but after the way last season ended not even he is dumb enough to take Galchenyuk off the first line.
  3. Apparently there's multiple teams after Kris Russell who is quite a bit worse than Emelin. I imagine there is indeed a market for him though his limited NTC might complicate things. Apparently Habs have tried to trade DD but nobody wanted him.
  4. Yeah, Weber will definitely be on the top pairing. Hopefully Beaulieu can take the next step and become a legit top 2. Otherwise Price will be seeing even more rubber than usual(well without Subban I think that's a given, but hopefully the damage will be limited). I think the best we can realistically hope for is something like Beaulieu - Weber Barberio - Petry Markov - Emelin/Pateryn/Redmond Though Markov and Barberio would probably be switched because Therrien doesn't seem to want to limt Markov's minutes. And this would only happen after weeks of failure from Markov - Weber. Up fron I think something like this could work very well: Pacioretty - Galchenyuk - Radulov Lehkonen/Carr/Hudon - Plekanec - Gallagher Shaw - Desharnais - Andrighetto/Lehkonen/Carr Mitchell - Danault - Byron Flynn With Price in net that looks pretty darn good. Sucks Subban isn't part of it. I don't think he can play in the AHL till he's 20.
  5. Markov-Weber is scary. Markov - Petry Barberio - Weber Beaulieu - Emelin Would be better I think. Or maybe switch Beaulieu with Barberio. Therrien won't do it though. He'll run Markov and Weber and the opposing forwards will skate circles around them. Regardless, it's a whole lot worse than it was yesterday.
  6. Congratulations to the Nashville Predators and the New Jersey Devils today for taking advantage of two inept GM's and committung highway robbery.
  7. Yeah, it's still a terrible trade no matter how you look at it. Whatever Weber can bring to the table, he's nowhere near as good as Subban and is four years older. I think Jeff Petry is now our best defenceman.
  8. http://www.todaysslapshot.com/nhl-west/nashville-predators/can-advanced-stats-make-shea-weber-better-player/He is good at preventing high danger scoring chances though. That article does a good job of explaining why and why his possession numbers are terrible.
  9. I would rather have traded for Josi++ if this was gonna happen. Or Taylor Hall+. Or even the Draisatl + 4th overall that was rumoured to have been offered. But only Weber? There is no excuse for that.
  10. PK Subban is a class act. Bergevin and Therrien should look at their own character.
  11. I think Bergevin really thinks Weber is better than Subban. Can't wait till he's fired.
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