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  1. The negativity on the board is amazing. I agree that it's going to take some creativity to make us a contender, but it's not impossible. People act like acquiring Tavares won't even help us. It will be hard to acquire JT, but if we can putt it off without giving up Sergachev, it would be HUGE. Swap Sergachev out of that offer and replace him with Juulsen and maybe someone else too, and we'd have to do it. It makes us a better team.
  2. Neither of those guys are impact defensemen. For them to trade the 3 OA it's going to take a guy who is at least a proven top 4. Juulsen has the potential to become one but that may take years if it ever happens.
  3. Neither of these last 2 proposals are eve close to enough. Gonna take more than that to pry a top 6 C, the 3rd overall and a good prospect. And a late first, a big question mark in Beaulieu and a 2nd for the 3rd overall and a solid prospect in Honka. No chance. I really think that our best option is to trade any prospect not name Sergachev, our first and probably another piece or 2 for Duchene. Give Duchene first line duties and commit to a full season of Galchenyuk at center. Im not really huge on Duchene, but he is much better than what we have now. Duchene-Galchenyuk-Danault is
  4. I think it's too early to pass judgment on Scherbak. Yes, he had a bit of a rough first pro season, but that happens a lot. Lots of players struggle in their first pro season and go on to have good careers. He had a rough go this year with injuries and we have to at least give him a full season before we judge him. I disagree about him having "no heart" or "care for the game". watched him in STJ too, and from what I saw, he actually looked alright, just didn't get the points. Regardless, it's much too early to say he's going nowhere at just 20 years old.
  5. I like the Sergachev pick. As for the Shaw/Eller trades, I hate to see Eller go. Like a lot of people here, I think he was under appreciated and under rated in his role. I do think Shaw will bring a style of play that we need. Gritty, strong and goes tot he net. No, it doesn;t fill our biggest need (a goal scorer) and it creates a hole at 3C, but if Danault can step in and play well there, then we will be okay. If Kirk Muller is comfortable using a forward on the point for one of our PP units, Shaw could be good in front of the net. It's an okay move (still not a great one, but okay) as long
  6. I hope that we and the Rangers start the season horribly, resulting in MT and AV both getting fired. We then have a decent french coach available to hire and can move on from MT. (I know it wont happen) I can;t believe we are actually keeping MT after this disaster of a season, but at least we know the reasoning behind it. He lost his best player/starting goalie as well as top RW and many other key pieces throughout the season. At least there is some kind of excuse/reason. Every other season we were near the top of the league and went to the conference finals not long ago. Clearly, just by wa
  7. At the draft: 9th overall + Emelin to EDM for RNH + 3rd DD and Pleks traded. (Much easier said than done, i know) Free agency: Sign Kyle Okposo for 5 yeard 6M per. Pacioretty-Galchenyuk-Gallagher Hudon/Carr-RNH-Okposo Hudon/Carr-Eller-Andrighetto Byron-Danault-Mitchell Flynn Beaulieu-Subban Markov-Petry Barberio-Pateryn UFA/Ellis/Deitz.Hanley Price Condon/Lindgren This would be the best top 6 and most offensive depth we've had in a while, specifically at center. Arturri Lehkonen could easily make this lineup too. the RNH trade could need things added/subtracted from either side
  8. User Actions Following Darren DregerVerified account‏@DarrenDreger As suggested on TSN's Insider Trading, expect Marc Bergevin to confirm Michel Therrien's return as Habs coach either on wknd or next week.
  9. Thats why we need to take advantage of the minor system and groom a young, bilingual, good coach in the AHL. Get a young coach with upside from the Q and see if he can start winning in the minors. SL clearly isn;t getting the job done in STJ and it is doing us no good keeping him there. He's had some decent teams since he took over and hasn;t made the playoffs once. The french coaching pool is dry right now and the only way to get a good one will be to develop one ourselves. In the mean time, hire Boucher as Therrien's replacement. Even if he;s not an upgrade, at least we tried. Keep him her
  10. Habs also in on goalie Charlie Lindegren. 30-9-1 with St. Cloud State with a .925 sv%. Reportedly one of the three teams left that he is choosing from. He will reportedly burn a year of his entry contract and play in the NHL this season. Decision is coming today.
  11. Maybe I'm wrong if so many people seems to thing that our first would be an over payment. I get that he has been injured a bit. However, Jordan Stall got the 8th overall pick and Brandon Sutter from CAR when he got traded, He was also 3rd in line and never reached the point totals RNH has. Though I know the market has changed since then. If we could get a guy like RNH for Emelin and a 2nd or Pateryn I would be over the moon, but I have a hard time believing that other teams wouldn't pay more than that. Two bottom pairing dmen for a good second line center doesn't seem like it would get it don
  12. Just because they may think he's rugged doesnt mean they're trading RNH for him. I think it's taking a hell of a lot more than that to get RNH. I'd be fine with parting with our 1st for him. IMO, whoever we draft with that pick, we will be HOPING that he's as good as RNH. I can't imagine Emelin has much value at all, even if we were getting calls on him around the deadline. Anyone who scouts him should know he is an overpaid bottom pairing dman. The only thing I can see us doing is maybe our 1st + Emelin for RNH + Yaks. MArk Spector said himself that Yakupov's value right now is a 4th round
  13. AHL and NHL coaching staff overhaul. Our first round pick + DLR to Edmonton for RHN Sign Kyle Okposo 5 years $6M per. Trade Emelin once his NMC becomes limited. Trade or buy out DD. Pleks hopefully traded. Pacioretty-Galchenyuk-Gallagher Carr-NugentHopkins-Okposo Hudon-Eller-Andrighetto Byron-Danault-Mitchell Flynn Beaulieu-Subban Markov-Petry Barberio-Pateryn UFA
  14. Isn't that what rebuilding is? Giving up assets for futures?
  15. I think if you go to a rebuilding team, an offer of a pick + Andrighetto or Carr could be enough to get them to part with a top 6 player.
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