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  1. First off all... DONT TRADE GALCHENUYK...i will say it again, and again, and again...His value is at a low point right now just because no one really knows his true potential yet...dont do what the Bruins did with Seguin...top line C, LW, or whatever we WONT add a true No1 Center by trading him, in any way...i actually found this year to be ideal in the future contract negotiations...we can obviously resign him at another bridge contract, or offer him a longer contract much more Cap friendly. This time around we have leverage in the negotiations and we must take advantage of it. Slot him
  2. No Stepan for me...i wouldnt ever consider trading for the Plekanec clone... JT Miller is actually a player i like and i think he could fit in our team, but you dont trade Galchenuyk for him...If the Rangers are going to consider taking Stepan out of the conversation, and adding a player like for example Skjei to JTMiller, as a package, then i would be all ears... Mark Bergevin has to be very carefull if he opts to trade Galchenuyk. After the aftermath of the Subban/Weber trade, and if you are up for another blockbuster trade, you better make sure you are on top of it and dont get fl
  3. At our draft track now... I am not going to rate Timmins, although i am going to be rather sceptical about his success... 2007: McDonaugh, Pacioretty, Subban {best picks} 2008: No 1st rounders but Kristo better than Hayes, Lehtera, Stone, Smith, Henrique, Holtby, TJ Brodie, Nyquist, Smith, Demers, Bartkowsky... 2009: No 18 they picked Lablanc and missed on Kreider, Johansson, Palmieri, Silfveberg, Roussel, Orlov, Barrie, Cizikas, Savard, Ekholm, Vatanen, Hoffman, Lee... 2010: No22 they picked Tinordi and missed on Kuznetsov, Coyle, Nelson, Faulk, Toffoli, Klingberg, St
  4. Some interesting thoughts... Max Pacioretty: He is the No 30 in top LWers based on salary {4.5M} but No 6 in points {67 pts} and No 3 in goals {35 g} Alexander Radulov: He is the No 12 in top RWers based on salary {5,75M} but No 14 in points {54 pts} and No 29 in goals {18 g} Albeit these facts most want to resign Radu at any cost and trade away Pacioretty... This team's problem is production from C centers, and consistent secondary scoring {Shaw?} To this core you have to add not trade away...and let young players develop further {Galchenuyk, Gallagher, Lekhonen}
  5. Its highly unlikely he gets to the market...they will resign him and he is going to get paid...franchise players tend to stay loyal especially at this age...just look at Stamkos...
  6. Just a rare thought i want to share... What if we put McCarron on D? I think he can be a very good stay at home defensemen, something like Chara...maybe he can develop, who knows? I know its hard to adjust since he probably havent ever played at D but why not give him that chance...it would take some major summer adjusts, non less... thoughts?
  7. Going after a centerman? Whats new? UFA MARKET Thornton? Past his prime...Hanzal? Dont even bother...Shipashov? Not signing here...Bonino? Gagner? Boyle? Ryan?...Not top C material....Hey, maybe Davey D is the best left available... TRADES The only teams that might be willing to trade top C away are rebuilding teams. Its honestly a very shallow bin to go shopping with. DUCHENE, might be available for the right price, McKINNON is unlikely, SPEZZA doesn't like highly pressured markets, CARTER maybe if LA rebuilds, and some others like STAAL, NUGENT-HOPKINS, KOIVU, SEDIN, the
  8. If MB thinks that Galchenuyk is a LWer then we have two top centers to go after...Obviously Plekanec isn't the solution and Danault is a stop gap. Thats why the Duchene proposal. I agree its awful to trade Sergachev away, but as i posted above, its contending now time, for various reasons. Sure Sergachev might be a gem but you have to take the gamble or rebuild. There is no C UFA market this year, and the only other option i see is convinsing Shipachov to sign, but thats a long shot and uncertain, production wise....As for the D prospects in our pipeline, i really like Juulsen, and i think Ler
  9. There are really only two options right now... You either think that you can resign Price to a friendly contract extension about 8M, and you try to find ways to improve this club or this is the time you blow it all up and try the rebuilding route. Obviously MB isn't in a position to blow it up, because he already has 5 years under his belt, and i dont think fans would have the needed support a 3 to 4 years rebuild, requires. MB would be long gone before any St.Cathrines parade, in this situation. So we should probably expect, the same players back, with a twinkering or two to be made. Aft
  10. Dear hatethoseleafs...you have what...over 20000 posts, i believe. Trully respectfull number, but you know one day, not very long ago you probably had 800 like me...It seems like you have forgotten of that situation, otherwise your response would have been more comforting. I know you guys are not machines, but i find it quite difficult to believe no one saw the questionable post. And even if they didn't, evaluating the circumstances they should let my repost on board, it wasn't more against the rules than the original one. As for the solution. Why report anything (i really dont know how what
  11. I dont think you are a mod yet Weeps...thanks for the information but i trully look forward to what THE MODS have to say about it...and while at it, i wonder how you would feel if such matter occured to you? Probably you wouldn't rush at their defense, i guess...
  12. Yesterday in the "if i was the GM" topic i had un high tempered debate with another member of this forum. He replied to my post in a rather insultely way, completely focused on the poster and not the post. I was suprised to see that no further mod actions were involved, and the replied post stayed an site for over an hour. Even more suprised, i was when i took action in responding to the post accordingly. Within less than five minutes my response was edited and so was the original repost. I am wondering, why aren't all members treated the same way? If mods thought that the original post was
  13. I agree...its all just speculation. On to next year. GO HABS GO.
  14. Very proud of the turnover season, from 15th to 2nd in the East is a pretty huge accomplishment, congrats and give credit to the team for that. Quite disappointed though for the 1st round exit, not because we went down by Ottawa, but how we went down. In order the reasons we went down, were Ottawa's opportunistic play, weak Montreal goaltending, and very bad officating. Non less i would have been happier if we managed to stretch the series to 7 games. A few more points though. I cant stop thinking that in an 82 games season we wouldn't have been the No2 at the Conference. Probably a 5th, 6th
  15. After the end of the season here are my personal gradings of our roster: Pacioretty A- Desharnais C Gallagher A Bourque B- Plekanec B Gionta C+ Galtsenyuk A Eller A Ryder B- Prust A White C Moen D+ Dumont C- Armstrong C- Halpern C+ Blunden C+ Subban A+ Markov C+ Emelin A- Gorges C+ Diaz C Bouillion C Tinordi B+ Beaulieu B- Pateryn B- Webber D Kaberle D Drewiske C Price B- Budaj B- Therrien B+ Bergevin A-
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