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  1. It’s like suggesting eller won the cup last year for Washington lol um nope. I’m sure Washington loves Eller but I don’t think anyone believes he won Washington the cup. I’m sure they could have got along without him. Their coach Herman Munster was the difference! That guy don’t get the respect he deserves. some people even call him names like Herman Munster
  2. Am I the only one aware that Poehling’s wingers were his FAR less talented brothers in the Minors? Judging by the comments, I am.
  3. Yes sir! I love it when he smiles with blood all over his teeth lol
  4. Happy to see montreal's only offense driver back in the line up and it didn't take him long to remind everyone of that fact either!! It was a huge game for the largest player in the NHL
  5. Really getting tired of Prust's diving routine :lol:
  6. I would be the one to complement White usually but I didn't see the game. I will be watching it today when I get home at 6:00am with a beer in hand!
  7. Before people start feeling sorry for Gomez because he isn't playing hockey this year. Isn't Gomez the master of his own future? Couldn't he walk away from his fat contract and sign a new contract with a different team this year if the Canadiens din't object,if he truly wanted to? Because it's not about the money. It's about the love of the game. I think Gomez could play this year!
  8. Thanks Aussie If I was a player I would take that deal. Then I would go to the media and announce it as another victory for the owners. I would put it out there right away that the players will not allow the owners to win a third time in a row. I would announce on the same day of the deal, that if the owners were to be so greedy as to ask for even 1% more in the next CBA the players would hold out for however many years it would take to resist them. Being recognized as the loser twice in a row could really put the players in a position of power for the next CBA negotiations.
  9. I heard some news on am 640 tonight about the NHL's time sensitive offer to the players. You people on this forum usually find out this info way before I do. So I'm a little worried it might not be solid. That's why I'm putting this in the rumors thread. According to am 640 the time sensitive offer includes a 49% share of the revenues for the players. And to avoid confusion the HRR definition will remain the same as in the last CBA. Maybe someone can confirm or correct this news?
  10. That poor man! After a lifetime of accomplishments he probably worries that the Gomez deal is what he'll be remembered for....he may be right
  11. I'm such a fan of Markov but don't count on him too much just yet. We don't know if he is still Markov or if he is Humpty Dumpty!
  12. I'd be soooo impressed if MB managed to trade Gomez! I would recommend extending his contract the day he pulled off such an impressive feat. Even a 6th round draft pick in 2018 in return would send me leaping out of my chair. Ditto for Kaberle....
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