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  1. Its pronounced Yemelin but it writing Emelin.
  2. I was surprised that he was fired, he's been there for awhile and the buffalo have gone through tough times before under Ruff but it is probably because of the shortened season, Regier must have lost patience.
  3. He is lacking motivation and all that about him considering retirement after this season because the players didn't get their way in the CBA. He needs to step it up or people will start calling for his head like they did for Gomez.
  4. I am the winner because I am awesome. I am the winner because I am awesome.
  5. I'm so glad that he is finally gone, it stinged really bad for me when McDonaugh became a top pairing defenseman.
  6. Well seems like the defence is pretty set except for signing Subban but the big question marks are up front. We have Gomez and Bourque who will need easy minutes while the Pacman- DD - Cole line will help offensively. The second is then Pleks - Gionta and Who? Will Eller be up to the second line or will gallagher or Geoffrion get the spot. A worry is also that some of our guys In Europe like Diaz, Emelin, Weber say there. Although Weber no one really cares about, the other two would make a difference not having them back.
  7. Thanks for cleaning the winners thrown for me!
  8. Eventually, the forum captains robbed Kubby's car, and sprayed graffiti through-out the alley. Frustrated, Kubby did a Torts tantrum in Bettman's house, and then proceeded to the Bank of GHC to withdraw all his life's savings, which amounted to 4 GHC Dollars. So he called HRF for a Loopy Loser Loan, but HRF was too busy trying to find out who stole his broken Chrysler Jeep. So he went to the police to complain about it. Officer UCE, told HRF that the prime suspects were on the run. It appeared that Kinot ate chocolate, even though he didn't have teeth. Habs1952 was doing his usual disturbing
  9. I am thankful that I am the winner of this thread.
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