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  1. I asked this question in the winter, but it might not have been a winter question, so I'll try again. I'm looking for a Habs crop top. I've Googled for it and found some Habs gear that includes clothing, but no crop top. These days would be very good days to sell that stuff! Anyone know who does?
  2. Hi. I'm told that this is where to go to ask about Habs gear. I'm interested in a Habs crop top. Does anyone know where that can be got? Is this the wrong time of year? Google hasn't been my friend in this.
  3. Hi, I'm still a Habs fan, even though I'm not a Quebecker anymore. I'm looking for a specific piece of Habs gear: specifically, a crop top. Can anyone tell me where that's to be had? Is it too far from the summer to be looking for such a thing? Is this the right place to post that question?
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