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  1. Not sure I like this one. Hoffman has been a little overrated in my mind, but he may be a good fit for some of the speedy forwards we currently have.
  2. Hoffman 3 years 4.5 million.
  3. Molson has apparently been given a spanking by some of the team sponsors as he made a statement acknowledging Mailloux will not attend rookie camp and has not yet earned the right to play in the NHL according to TSN Vancouver. This probably means MB will get a talking to unless we are witnessing window dressing to appease some of the sponsors and save some advertising. Clearly nothing is done in a bubble and while I don't really have a problem with giving a kid a chance they appear to have underestimated the blow back on the organization.
  4. Evans can become a number two ahead JK if necessary the worry there is his concussion history. It would have been nice to add a little more depth up the middle, but that is why we have a team in Laval. The goaltending is hopefully a little better if Price's surgery is a success. If Kulak can develop a little more skill and nastiness in his own end the backend should be okay. We were pretty successful with Weber rarely using his big shot last year. Savard looked good a couple of years ago, but his TOI has been about 20 minutes a night compared to Weber's 24. Some of that is Weber's usage on the PP. SO Burrows will have to work some magic on the PP. If we can have a surprise or two out of training camp it will be interesting. Tampa has lost some pieces, the Leafs look a little weaker losing Hyman and Andersen (and their the Leafs), and the Bruins have lost some depth as well. So I think we have comparatively improved our place in the standings within the division.
  5. Savard signing may mean Petry plays fulltime on #1 PP and #2 PP has a combination of Romanov/Kulak or another dman. May make for some exciting hockey.
  6. Very reasonable signing. I can live with this. Bergy still has some money to shop with.
  7. Jones has been a bit of a Holtby lately. Philly looks like they have lost some confidence in Hart. This may becomme a bit of nightmare for the Flyers.
  8. Ethan Bear off to Carolina after resigning Martinez and Barrie. Not sure what is coming back for the Oilers.
  9. I have no problem exercising their right to get more value or opportunity somewhere else. We will soon see if Bergevin undervalued him by how we compete this season. Montreal can be a very tough place to play for a lot of players. The Oilers signing Martinez, Barrie and Hyman will definitely make them better. They have quite a few wholes to fill and will now have 4 legitimate top 4 forwards, nut have quite a few places on the third and 4th line to upgrade.
  10. Agreed. If healthy can easily be a 20 goal man. He plays smart, creates a lot of space for his line mates and is excellent on the PK creating scoring chances. Well worth the price but the term may be a year too long. Either way a player we needed to sign.
  11. PP but not sure why ref blew it dead when we have the puck.
  12. Lets do it again tonight. I'd like to see the boys get hitting early. Tampa is a great team but their due for a lttle stormy weather. Go Habs Go!1
  13. Somehow reminds me of playing like Frank Zappa
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