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  1. Making Ducharme's playoff line- up decision a little harder and that is about all he can do right now.
  2. The difference for me isn't the skill, although different Galchenyuk probably has moe skill than Evans but where he loses big time is hokey smarts. Evans knows what he is doing on the ice and Danault appears to have that on defense but his offense has been lacking. Evan's speed and playmaking are still gttin better and his line with Lehkonen and Byron did well against McDavid and scoriing on top of that. It has been one of the few psoitives heading into the playoffs.
  3. It appears we will have close to a week off after Wednesday and this poor play has to be connected to fatigue or we are in big trouble.Jake Allen is making me miss Price terribly the las few games with the bad positioning big rebounds and the inability to catch puck in his catching glove.We have quite a few players (Tatar, Staal,Anderson, and much of the D core that have simply disappeared. This was anothe awful game, but fortunately for us the Oilers looked almost as bad. Teams looks tired and they need to be rested for the playoffs. Otherwise the playoffs are going to be really ugly for the
  4. We need to keep this going into the playoffs. I like 5-2 Habs.
  5. Very entertaining hockey. Cuafield had a crossbar in the first as well. He is going to have some special nights with that shot. Not sure what he can do for an encore after the last two nights, but I look forward to watching and finding out.
  6. Not mentioned in these calculations of the head to head games if Calgary and Vancouver still are in the hunt. They are more likely to eliminate each other during those games as that will mean Vancouver has started to win again. 2-3-1 works for me Go Habs!!
  7. What a great goal for the kid!!!!!
  8. Unbelievable!!! Could we actually get one win !!! Suzuki playing well.
  9. I know we scored but I'm not going bananas over this teams performance so far.
  10. So close to a playoff spot but it might as well be a 100 miles away. We're been awful for April, but we need this one bad.
  11. Can we win a game at home please. And so the giveaways begin. An early christmas special from Kotkoniemi. That was close
  12. After watching most of our forwards pass the puck around when we get in the offensive zone it is nice to see someone who shoots the puck. On of the reasons we cannot score is we refuse to shoot and attack the net for rebounds. If the kid keeps shooting his linemates will need to attack the net for the rebounds. What a revelation. Tatar was invisible last night and so was Danault so good on the kid. he was shooting from some tough angles and will stop a lot of goalies from trying to cheat with him on the ice.
  13. It sounds like a case of shellshock. I was beginning to wonder if we would win another game. The giveaways in our own zone have been beyond belief and seeing Merrill out there last night late I thought was playing with disaster. It takes way too much time and effort to clear our zone. Having said that the players we have are good enough to beat any team in our division come playoff time. We just have to get there. I' m not sure how the call ups work for the remainder of the season but being in fourth I only see us with a slight chance of passing the injury riddled Jets as we are 6 points
  14. We are clealry struggling with our zone clearing and no matter the situation cannot simply flip a puck out of our end to relieve pressure. I guess that is why we lead the league in giveaways by quite a bit. In contrast with the same score and situation Ottawa easily flicks the puck out to center three or four times in the last 2 minutes, whereas Chiarot and others give unnecessary faceoffs in our own zone late. Luckily we seemed to win some draws tonight. I thought Caufield looked really good (someone is actually putting shots on net) and Evans with his speed and smart play continues to be a g
  15. The shot was nice. Primeau looking good.
  16. The Habs clearly don't like to punch a clock and like to go for their break a little early.
  17. I like the energy Evans has brung to the line-up. He looks good on the wing.
  18. We haven't won two in a row for a while. I think we're due and have played well the last two games. Just due it.
  19. He was hitting last night and appears to be getting big enough to handle himself physically. The physicality is just going to make him better.
  20. After the two games we played in Edmonton, we should be alright if we bring that attitude and emotion which has been missing for about 15 games. Ottawa for 4 and the Canucks haven't lost to them yet. Just a little drama down the stretch.
  21. He was a turnover machine last night and I do not expect to see him in the line up today.
  22. After I wrote the comment you responded to I had to go check the game stats as I was sure we gave the puck away more than I may have ever seen before. The stats said 30, but it felt like 50. Any way you cut it it was ugly. We deserved the win as more often than not teams come in and play badly but still manage to beat us some how, so it was nice to see us get the ugly 2 points. We're due a few more wins like this although it would be nice to win because we're the better team on the ice, but that hasn't happened this month. Maybe the win against the OIlers fits that niche, but we are getting ou
  23. As much as I do not want to, I agree with the evaluation of Ducharme and may even put him at a D. I wonder how much the fact we have so many veterans in the line-up is influencing his decisions. Staal was brutal last night (based on last night and the turnovers he had on one shift I would put him below F if possible) and has tailed off significantly, and while I still have some faith in Weber to turn it around, it may be too late. My problem with Weber is his biggest asset is his shot and he has gone to the wrister too much. Defensively he has also stopped hitting Weber looked pretty effectiv
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