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  1. PP but not sure why ref blew it dead when we have the puck.
  2. Lets do it again tonight. I'd like to see the boys get hitting early. Tampa is a great team but their due for a lttle stormy weather. Go Habs Go!1
  3. Somehow reminds me of playing like Frank Zappa
  4. Tampa looking a little banged up. We appear to have picked up our game.
  5. We've been shooting way to hard on this Guy!!!!!!
  6. I think comparables for Danault were established with the Nugent-Hopkins deal yesterday and the current market appears to favour the GMS. Should be within a 0.5 mill of Nige when done. The fact we're in the cup should help Bergy too as Danault probably would prefer to play for a winner in his home town.
  7. A few things have to happen for us to win tomorrow night. 1) Chiarot needs to let pucks go ten feet wide instead of playing with it and putting it in his own net. 2) Cernak needs to not make the greatest and probably only goal of his career and Weber needs to get another breakaway. 3) We were a little slow defensively, had some bad bounces and need to continue to be physical. Tampa is trying to intimidate and we may be able to get them off their game with some more rough stuff. 5-1 was the final but it wasn't that big of a loss. Go Habs Go!!!
  8. Making it to the finals with Drouin, Tatar, Evans and Romanov on the bench suggests that we may have a much better bench and depth that others would envy. We have a boat load of picks again this year and a couple of prospect with a chance to crack the line-up next year. We are in much better shape than a lot of other teams who will be facing some cap issues, but we are in a pretty tough division and won't be able to have a bad regular season again.
  9. Tampa it is and if you want to quiet the doubters you may as well beat the best.
  10. So is this a big win?? It has been a long timee..... Unbelievable Couldn't win 4-1 The red suit!!!
  11. One more win please. Great game tonight. No wonder the Laffs couldn't handle us.
  12. Perry trying to make interesting with a blind pass in his own end and Armia wasn't ready. Lets use the boards please
  13. I haven't looked at any of his stats but I was happy with the Vegas matchup because I remember Fleury having struggled in his home province and thought this was a big advantage for us. It proved to be the case last night. Our role players have been highly effective be they penalty killers or playing 5 on 5. We are playing a good system with a great goalie and taking advantage of the mistakes when we need to. Perhaps the hockey Gods are making up for many of the bad calls and bad bounces that have hurt us in more recent playoff. (see Philadelphia last fall) We need to keep staying away from the emotional retaliatory stuff and forcing Vegas into mistakes. This isn't done yet (Vegas proved they could come back against Colorado) but it is a little closer to done than it was before last night. If we need to play 11 more games I'll take a 6 and 5 record, no need to get too greedy at this point
  14. We have quite a few players that deserve more recognition for their contributions to this team. Bergevin has done a pretty good job keeping the contracts in line by not overpaying,. although every team has the odd mistake such as an Alzner. What Bergevin seems to get is that just as much as skill you need brains. Byron, who has now been in on 3 highlight reel GWG's in these playoffs, uses his speed very effectively andputs lot of pressure on the opposition when he doesn't have the puck. The same can be said of Danault, Lehkonen, and Evans. I would be resigning Armia and any of our other players at this point not named Tatar. They provide value as players without the puck and these types of players are not easy to find. We will have money to spend, vacancies to compete for, and plenty of draft picks to stock the shelves this year. I'm not sure if Bergevin has been giving hockey IQ tests to players he wants but he is doing very well at finding team players who can play a system. I'm not sure many of us would have thought we could go through the playoffs without Tatar, and Drouin and be successful. It is hard to argue with success and we appear to have a group of winners here. Not sure why some are worried about money. The players are providing full value for their money, but alas winning isn't enough for some.
  15. Now if we can just find a way to get Fleury to play the puck behind the net in overtime
  16. Hometown boy getting a little nervous in the net
  17. I don t like complaining about the refs but this some terrible officiating tonight.
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