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  1. I could not agree with this more.. We fans alone deserve better from these pathetic excuses for professionals we call refs.. They need to be held accountable for their mistakes.. Just like everyone else in the world is.. Take the fine MT.. Bash them like no tomorrow..
  2. The only thing to have learned is the sens can get away with the exact same infractions.. Same thing, but worse, happened to Subban earlier in this game.. Not to mention a few high sticks, and interferences.. Can't let it bother us, but man, how can you not let it get to you when the other team gets away with cheating, but you don't?
  3. You have got to be kidding.. Peel needs to never work on the NHL again.. Worst ref in the history of officiating... It's very hard to believe that the Sens don't have the refs in their pockets to bring some publicity to Ottawa..
  4. Hey guys!! The ScotiaBank Place is really fired up tonight.. I really don't understand how people could criticize the sens fans for not being supportive, or showing up for games.. Wow lets just plow through Price.. That's not a penalty or anything!!
  5. I love how teams that can't score just open the scoring up on us..
  6. So he barrels into Budaj like a 200lb bowling ball, and Diaz gets the Penalty for what again?? For being tough in front of the net??
  7. I'm glad Markov showed him hes not just going to take it.. should of been both of them going to the box.. Just as much instigation as retaliation..
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