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  1. is Dunn really worth it though, is he much better than Chiarot and Edmundson? More of a puck mover for sure but right now if we were to trade for D, I'd much prefer a puck mover on the right side. That will also give Romanov a chance to compete with the aformentioned for a top 4 spot on the left spot (where he should be)
  2. no they said that they couldn't trade him back WITH salary retained. There's no salary retained in this trade so its fine
  3. yeah its not a BAD day by any stretch. But we're deep at the wing, quetionable and young at center, and on D we dont have a true #1 guy by any stretch of the imagination
  4. yeah i don't like this blow back. Not trying to dismiss what he did but I worry about our society when people who make mistakes and pay their debt to society can't move on with their lives
  5. yeah hoffman is a good pick up, we've added goal scoring, that's good. But that D is really hurting
  6. they said he was likely done for his career. I guess there is still some hope he plays in the playoffs but its unlikely right now
  7. yeah for me it was hamilton or bust, there's nothing to get excited about here sadly
  8. I'm surpried cause Chicago is definitely trying to win now
  9. I have a bad feeling these are going to be over payments
  10. I think Savard is a great idea as a bottom pairing D man so long as he's paid that way In terms of filling out the top 4, its really Hamilton or bust. Who else would anyone be interested in that's available?
  11. please expound on Cyprus and Bulgaria. Do it or Kinot dies!
  12. yeah i would move KK in a package for Eichel, but there's a limit to what I'm will to give up for 10 million a year injured player. KK, a first, a second, Guhle, maybe another prospect. I'm not giving up young roster players that aren't taking up cap space, it defeats the purpose
  13. yeah if we get Eichel, KK is the obvious choice to go the other way in a package
  14. thats not what happened, there is no picture that is "out there" that would be a completely different thing. This isn't revenge porn, which I think should require jail time. He simply shared a photo with his teammates. I think it was through snapchat which is meant to delete the picture after its been viewed. Yes I'm sure there are ways around that but it doesn't appear like anyone has a copy of the photo/video nor that it is online. That would be a completely different thing to me, and he wouldn't be drafted because he'd be spending a couple of years in jail
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