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  1. I feel the same. Losing to the leafs in the playoffs just feels unacceptable to me and its going to take a miracle for that not to happen
  2. I'm hoping we have to play well to make it in as BigTed said. So hopefully the flames play well and we have to either match them or miss the playoffs, I'd rather miss than limp in
  3. are these recall limits for this season or has it always been like this? It seems like a stupid rule and I don't get the purpose of it
  4. I hope it's not too serious and he can be back for the playoffs cause we need him
  5. does anyone else kind of hope we don't make the playoffs? It's going to take a miracle to beat the leafs in a series and I just don't think I can stomach it. On the other hand, beating them in a 7 game series would be as close to winning the cup as I've ever felt.
  6. well if we dont make the playoffs, we might rebuild
  7. does that mean the caufield dream is over?
  8. we're short a forward and one of the remaining forwards is Staal
  9. I say he deserves a full year that includes and off-season. If MB is fired though, I'd say its 50/50 he stays on
  10. you're right! That's probably what it was
  11. i dont mind losing him, but I still think we could have gotten a pick, a lot of teams were interested
  12. I agree its a long shot, but the hope is that Weber and Price will be better in the playoffs and give us an off chance of winning. I'm just saying, either go for it or rebuild, our key guys are over the hill.
  13. no taylor hall and we lost Mete for nothing. Why couldn't we trade him for a pick? It's crazy!
  14. We really couldn't have offered a 2nd and a mid level prospect for Hall... seems weird. Like if we're going to go for it, than go for it. Price and Weber aint getting any younger so if we're no rebuilding we need to win now. This was a mistake by MB
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