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  1. I really wanted to believe you were wrong and that they would go with the young guys. I have no real reason to believe that. It was just blind hope I guess. But now, after seeing these lines, I'm very disappointed. I think that with the right coaching we actually do have the potential for an upset. This management just continually makes it challenging to be a Habs fan anymore. If we are going to lose, I would much rather lose with our youth than lose with rag tag veterans.
  2. I was surprised to see this article (that popped up in my social media page) coming out of Toronto. https://torontosun.com/sports/hockey/nhl/toronto-maple-leafs/simmons-maple-leafs-win-how-well-explain-later?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR3amxCmrCahM0Zj7ZuiR8UZMG8CFXTNTodFspSUEmQIkJMjIaraA29TGPs#Echobox=1613016171 Thoughts? Was it a case of the Leafs getting lucky while the Habs did not? Personally I thought Price should have made the glove save but the goal right in front seemed very fortuitous. As the article states, Kerfoot miffed on the puck
  3. Is it possible you are over valuing Crosby? I don't think it necessarily needs to be such a headache. I can get behind the idea that Pitt would want more tangible futures. So your suggestion of Caufield or Guhle makes sense, but beyond that, I can't see how that would not satisfy the Pittsburgh brass. I mean, currently they seem like a sinking ship. They just seem to be going nowhere while the teams around them seem to be getting better. Sid is in the back half of his career. It's not like this is McDavid who still has his best years to come.
  4. https://www.gohabsgo.com/articles/sidney-crosby-to-the-montreal-canadiens/?fbclid=IwAR3a3NZKr640-iKdOg0A_GdD4IQZSoo8LmAzgvSRZMvNflkSsOIRxSXvb50 Would you do this trade? Crosby for: Philip Danault, Victor Mete, and a first round pick Optional: throw in or replace someone with Drouin
  5. It must be the 1 year. He probably didn't like the market this year and what was being offered. I wonder if he's biding his time until next year thinking teams will be better suited to offer him term and money. As it's been stated several times, many teams are either up against the cap or over now. Tough year if you are hoping for a big pay out.
  6. It appears that with 2 assists last night Drouout finally Drouin to the series. From Sportsnet: “I thought he had a really good game tonight,” said Muller. “And he did because he played with passion. He was involved, he was on the puck, he had the puck, and those type of players — that’s what they need; they need to be involved and feeling good with it. So if Drou participates the way he did here tonight in the game, much more involved, I think he’s going to get good results. Because of what he did in his commitment tonight he was a good hockey player and he was a big part of that win t
  7. Except Detroit, but luckily for us that is not a concern.
  8. This is a classic Trump deflection move to try to pass the buck for his stubborn stupidity. The WHO was warning world leaders to take this virus seriously LONG before they declared it a pandemic. The day they did declare it a pandemic they were criticized for doing so and defending their decision on the basis that leaders were not taking their previous warnings serious enough.
  9. Well...say what you will about the Habs but at least we haven't lost to a "42 year old zamboni driver who works for us". LOL This video is hilarious.
  10. What exactly is meant by "future is in question"? Could this be career ending? If so, what happens to his salary and, more importantly, the cap hit?
  11. You know what I admire about the Boston Bruins and Brad Marchand? Wait. Who just wrote that? Somebody slap me. But seriously, I was really impressed this summer when Marchand said something along the line of, if you're looking at coming to the Boston Bruins and hoping to cash in big, you're looking at the wrong organization. But, if you're looking to come to a team that's about winning, then you're looking in the right spot. I respect that. Carey Price can make all the comments he wants about not wanting to be one of those players that never wins a Stanley Cup but he certa
  12. For many reasons already stated, I think trying to tank is a mistake. I'm also not sold on selling off our veterans. You need those guys to mentor your youth. The more I think about it, we have been swimming in mediocracy for so long either because of our drafting or our development of players or maybe both. When I look at other teams around the league that are contenders they all have guys that are key pieces to their team that were drafted either late in the first round or later. Take Tampa for example. Nikita Kucherov wasn't drafted until the second round while Brayden Point was drafte
  13. Agree. It's easy to sit at home and suggest a trade should go a particular way but in reality, you need a dance partner to dance. Just because fans think/thought Subban had a particular value doesn't make it so.
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