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    I like anything Habs. Like the Story about "the old switcheroo" when Guy Lafleur and Chris Nilan switched sweaters so that Chris Nilan could attend an interview request as Guy. Habs can walk on water :)
  1. how did you know do you have salt lick there
  2. Since, July 14, 2009,Stan Bowman, has been GM for the Blackhawks, I like his credentials.
  3. 1. a person who scrubs. 2.a device or process for removing pollutants from smoke or gas produced by burning high-sulfur fuels. 3. a machine or appliance used in scrubbing: an automatic floor scrubber.
  4. made a blt hamburger with losts of bacon, a little cheese, topped off with mushrooms and gravy, that will let me survive until tomorrow, as usual colombian coffee.
  5. this morning leftover pizza, bacon and mushrooms, swished together, yummy and good colombian coffee
  6. wear a life jacket or at my age a preserver
  7. Biggest comeback in habs History 5-0 to 6-5
  8. what a coincidence, the right number of candles, how did you know
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