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  1. hard pass on drouin, the guy is way to high maintenance , hope we trade him
  2. i just hope we get drouin dealt,
  3. i would like to see him come back next year, he played very well for us this year
  4. so do the refs do their best tonight to make sure we do not win
  5. lets score first boys, it's always a good thing, maybe we get a bunch of lucky bounces tonight like they have,
  6. tsn saying romanov is in https://www.tsn.ca/montreal-canadiens-jesperi-kotkaniemi-stanley-cup-final-1.1664019
  7. habs win 4-2 we need romanov too play............
  8. sadly we made it this deep into the playoffs because of price, easy to see that, if he plays anything else less then a A+ game we win zero games
  9. romanov not playing is a crime imo, tampa is to fast for are older d men
  10. well it's a must win. so i will go with a 4-2 habs win.
  11. as long as any nhl american team wins the league will be happy
  12. why not , at this point we have to believe habs win 3-2
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