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  1. This seems eerily familiar as to what is going on. It's like Bergevin said, it's his fault. Apparently Therrien just has awful luck that he gets players of 'character" and they act like this. https://youtu.be/agL3NHgb8Rk And it has zero to do with his lack of coaching ability.
  2. I was spit balling. Throw out any lines, and my point remains the same. The development has failed due to fear by MB and MT. Look to Lefluer and how his development went. He stunk the place out until he learned the game. The current is not working. The Pittsburg solution of firing Therrien needs to be done and then the Black hawks solution of going with the youth to eventually become continual cup contenders/victors is the answer to right this ship before it turns into the leafs and Titanic; both look good until they hit the ice.
  3. I still want Therrien fired. I've never liked him. I was happy he was fired the first time. I was glad and thought it was funny he got fired from Pittsburgh and I wish I could see him fired again, but I think racism is more prodominant and the way things are coach couldn't win with the pens won't do it here speaks french and that's what matters, but an optomist can look at it as Craig Ramsay may be able to help the team take a deep run if they make the playoffs, but realistically that's not what matters. Everyone knows winning the cup is the end goal and not a deep playoff run. I think Factors that could truly right the ship and not temporarily is write the season off. The time to come back was the last two games in January. Imagine a strong push, but coming short and don't get the #1 pick or top 10 picks, and don't make the playoffs and the problem is delayed another season. This wasted season should be about player development, since Therrien and Bergevin have failed at that. They should shelf Price and strip Pacioretty of captaincy and give it to Gallagher. Move Galchenyuk to #1 center, bring up Mccarron, Scherbak , Nattinen, Bartley, and give Halloway a true shot. Then sell the aging vets while the value is still high. Next season could be the start of what we've all been waiting for. I'm so sick of patch fix nonsense and getting my hopes up for nothing. Pacman -Galchenyuk-Scherbak Hudon(Carr) -Eller - Gallagher Nattinen(Hudon) -Mccaron - Andrighetto 4th line there is a glut of these players. Bartley - Subban Beaulieu - Petry Barberio - Pateryn Finish the season with this lineup and next year they will have experience, chemestry and what Chicago did ten years ago will be started with the habs. Link removed for language -Manatee
  4. I'm so tired of all the excuses and false reasons for not being able to bring home a cup. It used to be the team was a bunch of mediocre players, who gave a mediocre performance and that is why the draft picks were more mediocre players. Timmonds gave hope by finding gems in the draft and Bergevins talk of building a championship team for years inspired many, but Therrien is basically the hockey succubus minus the actual act. Pk subban is worse because of Therrien. http://www.habseyesontheprize.com/analysis/2015/6/15/8785491/pk-subban-defensive-tendencies-analysis-michel-therrien-canadiens-system Galchenyuk is not where a # 3 pick should be in development. Look at the list of players brought in to help only to have been discarded for whatever grudge Therrien developed for whatever reason. I was thinking that these losses would be Therriens demise and the habs would invoke the Pittsburgh solution, so we could win the cup this year. MB hiring MT was a conflict of interest and I wish a fan could sue because of that. Gms can be friendly with the coaches but I think being best friends and hanging out together creates a major problem and blind spot. It follows the same rule as not dating a female co-worker. I guess I'm just venting here, but I have no passion for this team anymore. It's like what's the point and I find it hard to follow. Die hard fan does not have to mean die in misery. I'll pop in from time to time and maybe watch a game until a goal is scored. I'm cutting it off before Mr. Succubus drains my soul and passion completely.
  5. Ouch. A common sense answer to the obvious problem. http://habsloyalist.blogspot.ca/2016/01/good-asshat-mangement.html
  6. I was pondering something and although I wouldn't want to see this happen, it is the only solution that would kind of save face... I think Pacioretty was the wrong choice for captain. I think he should be stripped, but that would look really bad "unclassy" and classiness is almost as important as a french speaking coach is to the organization. My solution would be to trade Pacman for something good. I am making no trade proposals, maybe someone else can or at least offer an opinion. I think if pacman was traded and Gallagher was named captain that would save the team from the embarrassment of acknowledging that they made a mistake. That is probably one of the reasons Bergevin won't fire Therrien.
  7. History will not repeat itself. Bergevin is adamant that he has confidence in Therrien. *History.* http://espn.go.com/nhl/news/story?id=3909857 coached the Penguins to within two victories of the Stanley Cup last year, but this team has struggled badly since mid-November and is in danger of not making the playoffs. "I didn't part like the way, the direction the team was headed," Shero said on a conference call, not long after giving Therrien the news. "I've watched for a number of weeks and, at the end of the day, the direction is not that I wanted to have here. I wasn't comfortable, and that's why the change was made." They won the cup that year. Habs were contenders but they came down to reality and wer see the result of playing under a bad coach. The Leafs joke now applies to the habs With Therrien steering. (What do the Titanic and ->Leafs<--insert habs- have in common? They both look good until they hit the ice.)
  8. I have a theory. He's the captain. He realizes how poor of a coach Therrien is. He has given up and the team is following. Bergevin needs to invoke the Pittsburgh solution because the season they fired Therrien, they won the cup. Then hire the best available; forget this racism of french only. In the states there was an entire movement to ban segregation. Point in fact let's look at the game the habs lost to the kings. The kings went onto Toronto who is coached by a truly superior coach and lost.
  9. if losing means Therrien gets fired then I'm all for it!
  10. It seems like the wrong player was named captain. Price goes down, but the team keeps winning. Gallagher goes down, and they start losing. Pacioretty can't handle the pressure of being captain. They should strip him and make Gallagher, then maybe he'll start scoring again.
  11. I missed the game, but let me ask one question. Was Desharnais on the first line? Is it coincidence that he was called the worst 1st line center in the league http://awinninghabit.com/2014/08/19/montreal-canadiens-david-desharnais-worst-first-line-center-nhl/and when he was was moved back the 1st line during the Columbus game that the team started to struggle? We barely won that game and have lost the last two. Coincidence? Do people still disagree with me that Therrien is the problem because the stats are positive or that the team is full of players that have "character" and play regardless of the coach, system, or lines? Well I can't say that for pacman. It seems like he got the C but was pulled away from Dd so he isn't trying as hard or making more mistakes or whatever. Character... I guess it is Therrien who was keeping the team winning, but now that he went back to the same old, that no longer is true, and it has nothing to do with the type of players Bergevin has brought in... Remember Therrien was able to make Malkin and Crosbys numbers bad, but yea he seemed to have a change and is painfully... pulling teeth.. slowly evolving into the coach that can win it all. How many cups did he win with Pittsburgh?
  12. I've posted my opinion on this before and I'll reiterate. What has changed that has made MT look like he's doing better coaching? The pp looked the same and up until they were cycling the puck down low and not back to the point. It was a continuous failure. I'll ask again. What has changed from last year? CR? Yes Craig Ramsay. I bet if MT was fired and replaced with Guy Boucher, the team could preform better with the help or Ramsay. Pittsburg fired MT and won the cup that year with the minor league coach. The fact that MT went back to the same old is proof that he is too old and too stubborn to change his ways. This team needs a breath of fresh air. I wish MB would fire MT.
  13. I am impressed with the new way they play. I have no faith in Therrien and his stubbornness with DD... giving his line more ice time than EGS which in my opinion deserves more time and time on the PP, so what are the chances that the new style of play is Ramsey and Therrien is still in control of the horrible power play under the guise that it is the assistant coach.
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