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  1. Montreal drafts 30th, not 31st, in the First Round. https://www.nhl.com/news/2021-nhl-draft-first-round-order-complete-picks-1-31/c-325597430 Let's grab a puck moving left defenseman.
  2. Go after Ovechkin or Tarasenko? But seriously, he should target Jamie Oleksiak, Alec Martinez, Brandon Saad and Zach Hyman. Secure a real no. 1 LHD to partner Weber as priority. Then strengthen the LW.
  3. Not a chance in the current Canadiens organization. If so, Larry Robinson would've gotten the job a long time ago. The best Richardson can hope for is his 7-game interim gig during the playoffs caught the attention of other teams and will help him secure an official HC position in another team.
  4. Re: Kucherov's post-game interview comments. You can hear from the horse's mouth below: Make your own judgement!
  5. Isn't that a little unfair considering Byron's critical GWG and assists in key moments of the playoff run?
  6. Congrats to Habs Hockey Nutz and Regis for correctly predicting the series .
  7. OK, now that the incredible playoff run is over, time to wake up to imminent news of MB's extension and DD's confirmation . But man, we shall always savour the sweet memories of this post-season because we don't know how long we'll have to wait before it happens again .
  8. Does Vasilevskiy winning the Conn Smythe (first goalie to win since 2012) signal the changing of the guard and passing of the crown from Carey Price as best league goalie?
  9. I heard the boos in the crowd when Bettman first took to the mic .
  10. Tampa will face salary cap pressure with new contracts and be forced to let go of depth players. Frankly, if Coleman and/or Goodrow are let go, MB should seriously go after them. They've proven to be a dangerous combo.
  11. Will the fans boo Bettman when the Cup is presented? I've always thought it was customary to do so.
  12. They also have the Amelie Arena curse on the Habs...........and Mayor Jane Castor .
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