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  1. Perry isn’t signed ( yet. ) unless he’s did overnight
  2. Ryan getzlaf $4.5 million with Anaheim . why so much ???
  3. His buddy Getzlaf signed for $4.5 million ( yikes )
  4. MB already said he made him an offer, then said there’s only so much you can give . So the ball is in Perry’s court . Tampa has no taxes ( I think ) and better weather so perry could decide to go live in that coivid infested country
  5. Leafs signed that nutbar from san Jose : Gabriel. 🤦‍♂️
  6. Only the teams that list to Tampa in the playoffs were upset😂
  7. That is professional sports for you . The most important thing for teams is if thst player can help them win then they overlook the indescretions
  8. What was the fascination with Hamilton . I’m looking at his career stats and his numbers for the past couple of years look similar to Petrys.
  9. Habs at centre appears weak Suzuki : ok JK : a work in progress Evans : to be determined Paquette : I know nothing about anyone im missing ?
  10. I’d rather Anderson be on that line
  11. That’s it for Tatar. hope Hoffman’s wife behaves herself 😂🤣
  12. Someone needs to let MB know that saying less is OK . There's no need for the extra little comments
  13. One interesting thing about Phillip Danault signing with L.A. In Montreal, he openly admitted he saw Nick Suzuki and Jesperi Kotkaniemi coming and feared his role would be diminished. And now he signs with a team where Quinton Byfield and Alex Turcotte are most definitely coming.
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